We are fortunate to have so many members interested in improving our organization.  We get lots of valuable comments, suggestions and advice, especially in our recent survey, and we appreciate and consider all of it.  But occasionally, we get something that REALLY catches our attention…


I love my boyfriend, and things are getting serious. But I’m afraid my parents won’t accept him because of his refusal to take off a plastic wristband that came from your ceramics conference. I really love him and am glad he has a constructive hobby but when my friends first meet him, they wonder if he just got out of the hospital….! How can I tell him to cut the band from his wrist and put one on my finger?


…banded in boston


Sadly, we were unable to contact Ann Landers, or her sister Dear Abby for professional advice, but given the accompanying picture, we feel that the following response is completely appropriate:

Dear Banded,

I understand your concern about the wristband, but you do realize your boyfriend is also wearing the disguise of Edgar Allen Poe? You might want to ask whether a guy who emulates the guy that penned, “And all I lov’d, I lov’d alone…”  is really the one you want to marry…



However, this message did make us wonder what our members did with those controversial wristbands, so we did some looking for other examples of NCECA wristbands out in the wild.  We’d like to share a few images with you:

But we don’t want to just stop there.  We’re opening this up to our entire membership.  If you’d like to participate in our “have wristband, will travel” game, simply upload your image within the reply below.  Most creative entry will win a free pass for the Milwaukee conference.    Don’t have an image?  Feel free to caption one of ours.