What is time? It cannot be seen, heard, smelled, or touched. It eludes all our senses, yet we experience it every day. Time is ubiquitous. To most, time is just a clock on the wall. A constant cycle of 24 hours resetting and repeating over and over again in a continuous loop with seemingly no end. My art gives form to these ideas in creative ways using both art and quantum mechanics physics. Each cube is a product of time called a ‘moment’ and installed together as sculpture, constitutes an ‘event’. Going beyond a clock on the wall, I seek to make time, a seemingly invisible event, take form. I also seek to challenge people on how they view their own time and to make them consciously aware of not only time but their presence in it as well. Like time itself, my work and these forms have no end in sight.

If one was to describe Utopia, each time and place would be as unique as the next. Many of us dream of a utopian environment, but occasionally forget to stop and look at the journey it takes to get there. It sometimes feels as if people are far too often consumed by technology and are unaware of what is happening around them. Constantly trying to capture what’s happening in front of them on a tiny screen so they can remember it later, rather than just being in the moment and seeing the event through their eyes. During this installation, I invite everyone to come create a moment of time (tiny cube), which then becomes a memory, to document their own idea of an utopian time and place. Whether they create just one or stay and create many is up to them. Participants are invited to leave behind their moments in time and add it to the installation. Together, all the tiny cubes create a shared space of ideas and moments in time. This space becomes a shared Utopia of moments in time and memories of those who were there before. Over the three-day period, this installation will continue to grow and change form as people continue to add cubes to the grid. It is my hope that enough people join this project and we are able to fill the entire 10’x20’ of space given with this project. Thank you to Laguna Clay Company for generously donating the clay and sponsoring me for this project.

After this project is finished, I plan to save all the tiny cubes that have been created and reuse them in future installations to continue this work. The Projects Space project will first travel to Cerbera Gallery in Kansas City, MO where it will be part of my first solo installation for two months. Visitors to the gallery will be invited to create their own moments of time and leave them behind.