Hi everyone, my name is Ashlyn Pope and I currently serve on the NCECA Board of Directors as one of the two Student Directors at Large. As the senior of the two student directors, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about my position.

First, I will tell you a bit about myself as it’s a good thing to know I am a regular person. I graduated from Penn State with my MFA in Ceramics in the spring of 2019 and I am now the ceramics resident at the Lawrence Arts Center in Lawrence, Kansas for the next year. I simply consider myself an artist who happens to gravitate most to clay. I am very social and friendly and I am a family-oriented person.

Now that you know me just a bit more, let’s talk about what my position even is. We all know that NCECA has a board and on said board, two seats are held for currently enrolled students. The NCECA board, made up of very smart individuals, recognize the importance of all voices and through my position I have the opportunity to be a voice for student interests. My position allows me a platform to speak about what kinds of programing students would be interested in but I also have an opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on every subject we approach. We work as a team to provide the programming for our entire community.

As a student director at large, I get to work on the student critique room; a space where students can sit with mentors and have a chance to share their ideas and work. I also get to be a part of the process in the organization of the National Juried Student Exhibition. I gain insight into how to organize and carryout such large events. As for my personal experience working on the board, I am honored to be a part of an amazing group of thinkers, artists and doers that inspire me every day.

You must know, I wrote this article to tell you about what it is that I do in my position to serve you but to also make a pitch to you as well. We need to hear more student voices. The board needs your insight. Please, look at the requirements to apply to the Student Director at Large position because you will not regret it for a moment.

Ok, one more pitch. If serving on the board is not really for you but you want to share your techniques, experiences and/or projects, we need to see your voices reflected in the lecture and programming applications for both the main programming and the student programming. I ask that you look at deadlines and plan accordingly because every voice that wants to speak up, should be heard and we want to give you a chance to be heard.

Here are some links to help you with your search and planning.

Student Director at large information

Student Interest Programming

Panels and Lectures (Closed for the 2020 Conference in Richmond, VA but look ahead and begin planning for 2021 Conference! Deadline is generally around the same time every year)

With much love,

Ashlyn Pope
Student Director at Large