• Emerging Artist 2020 – deadline October 2, 2019

    2019 Emerging Artist Nick Lenker, Sarah Heitmeyer, Sean Scott, George Rodriguez, Lindsay Montgomery, Qwist Joseph NCECA believes that those creating work offering new/exciting/thoughtful perspectives on the ceramic medium, expanding upon genres of creative production and [...]

  • 2020 NCECA Gallery Expo Deadline for Submissions

    The NCECA Gallery Expo deadline is approaching for the annual 2020 conference in Richmond, VA. If you are a gallery, organization, collective, or group of artists and would like to participate consider applying to the [...]

  • Legacy Ware: Dining with Dock 6

    "Legacy Ware: Dining with Dock 6" is a dinnerware exhibition by the Dock 6 Pottery extended family of current and past employees, clay artists in their own right who’ve been influenced by working for owner [...]

  • Create New Intersections: Blending Art with Community

    LifeSource and I are excited to welcome the NCECA community to Minneapolis! Minnesota is home to many arts-friendly organizations and nonprofits that pride in developing meaningful connections to the community; state-wide grants and arts initiatives [...]

  • Craft Breweries

    Welcome to Minneapolis where the people are nice and the craft beer scene is overflowing with delicious options. There are many venues in the Twin Cities for sampling craft brews in and near downtown. And [...]

  • St. Paul Shuttle is now a full service Tour!

    You still have an opportunity to set out to St. Paul and see the fantastic shows and sites out there. (above image is one of the stops.  Which one?  Buy a bus ticket and find [...]