This would have been my first conference since leaving the NCECA Board.  I was so excited to be joining the presentation tech team.  FINALLY I would get to wear those beautiful button down shirts with the NCECA Logo embroidered on it.  Of course, that’s not the main thing I am sad about.  We are all having feelings…but there are silver linings.

In the wake of the news, I watched facebook yesterday as members of the NCECA group were a-flurry with ideas being shared and suggestions for how to put parts of the conference online.  I smiled, a little, even with a bit of a tear in my eye as I saw all the harmonious voices, singing out in praise, showing respect for the decision and the people who made it, and most importantly, displaying a huge heart full of desire to help.  Some of you have already started to mobilize and have sprung into action.

  • You may already be aware that Ayumi Horie has posted a cup on her instagram as an auction item with all proceeds going to NCECA.
  • You may have seen a post about Jessica Putnam Phillips ClayShare Online ClayCon, planned for the week that NCECA would have been happening.
  • You may have seen Austyn Taylor’s pinterest board and the suggestion for all galleries/shows to set up their own to share the incredible work that was done to show incredible work.

My own action included contacting the leadership team at NCECA and I asking for permission to start putting EVERYTHING together into one place and prepare a report that the board can review.  Because what i do well, quite honestly, is plan and organize.  It is with their blessing and authority that I am moving forward in this temporary leadership role to investigate how we proceed.

The NCECA board and staff need a respite, even as they are likely dealing with all of the nuts and bolts of canceling the conference.   My point is, that none of them, with their regular workload can take on the task of putting this all together.  So think of me as the backup quarterback, the relief pitcher, the 6th man, the understudy, or whatever sports/performance metaphor you prefer.

For the next four days, i’m going to be putting together lists of people who want to help, what they want to help on, what ideas are out there, what the needs are and so on.  Next week, the board will be meeting electronically to figure out how to move forward.

3.17 edit: the previously created form for interest has now been closed.  Opportunities to help may still be available.  If you want to be involved, please email