Posted by Steve Hilton

Last year, NCECA introduced a new conference event – a roundtable discussion which included our keynote speaker and other great thinkers in our field.  Chris Staley moderated the topic of creativity, and the event was highly attended and very well received.

This year, “Pass the Peas: Food, Objects and the Making of Community“, will expand on themes explored in our 2015 keynote lecture. Namita Gupta Wiggers will moderate this lively discussion with Aruna D’Souza, Julia Galloway, Frederick Opie and Vipoo Srivilasa. As writers, artists, curators and historians these individuals all deal with the complex ways that we understand place and memory through objects, food and community engagement.

Today we invite you to get to know panelist Vipoo Srivilasa.  Vipoo is a Thai born Australian artist based in Melbourne. His work is a playful blend of historical, figurative, and decorative art practices with a healthy dose of contemporary culture.  Enjoy this video he created especially for our blog.

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