Posted by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Register now!  Early bird rates end on February 6th. Maintain your NCECA membership and save up to $65!

• Book your flight with NCECA’s Southwest Airlines discount code and save up to 15% on your air fare

• Try the Train!  Amtrak’s Northeast Regional originates in Norfolk, VA, travels through Providence and terminates in Boston.  A ticket from Norfolk is about $80, and that’s already cheaper than 5 nights of parking!

• Book your rental car through the NCECA link to Enterprise/National for a discount

• Share a hotel room!  Check our Facebook Event page for the latest information.   Not on facebook?  Post a comment on this blog and we’ll help you out.

• Join a bus tour to see all the galleries.  Hop on/Hop off shuttles to nearby areas are only $20.   Timed tours to further locations start at $55.  Be sure to book in advance!  Rates go up onsite!

• Go Grocery Shopping!  Bring your own breakfast – granola bars, apples, and other snacks travel fine in your suitcase, or you can usually find a grocery store or convenience store close to the convention center.  It’ll save you quite a bit, just on the absence of your breakfast bill!  (there’s also a nearby liquor store, if you prefer to skip the high drink prices in the hotel bar)

Got some great tips of your own you want to share?  Post ’em here!

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