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In his article, Finding One’s Wheel, which appears on page 27-28 of the 2015 NCECA Journal, Roberto Lugo described himself as a “potter, activist, culture-maker, rapper, poet and educator.”   I believe I would add “inspiration,” “mentor” and “ceramics rockstar” to that list.  Additionally, he wrote:

 I have a dream where I can change the world by making pots, showing others how to make pots, and by bringing those very vessels to a meal – a meal where everyone is valued.  My work creates a place where hate is put up agains love and finally loses.

All of us in the audience on Saturday morning, the 28th of March in the Rhode Island Convention Center, were moved by the words he spoke and the eloquence with which he delivered his Emerging Artist presentation.  Trembling, at moments, from the dramatic recitation of Lugo’s oration, I found tears streaming down my face many times, (and then many more again as I prepared the video of his speech for dissemination here.) and then I would be shocked to find myself chuckling, even while the wetness remained on my cheeks.

I was blessed to have a half an hour with him on Wednesday morning for a one on one interview.  Watch for that coming soon to the NCECA podcast (we’ll announce it here on the blog), but in the meantime, I have for you the most-requested piece of content I’ve seen in my time.

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  1. Roberto’s presentation was the most inspiring moment of my NCECA visit this year and topped all other years. What a powerful message he shared, looking forward to seeing more of him and his work in the future. A man with a great message, thank you!

  2. Humanity says:

    Thank you for posting this. I know I will benefit from listening to and practicing Roberto Lugo’s philosophy.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this, I wasn’t able to see it live. I sent it to the director of the museum in which I teach. 2 years ago I taught summer camp there. Aside from 3 students, there was absolutely no racial or economic diversity in the entire student body. It REALLY BOTHERED ME especially since most of these kids seemed bored and tortured to be there while I knew hundreds of kids who would have given anything (as well as their parents) to go.

    So I started a scholarship that included a lunchbox, gift certificate for art supplies, 2 weeks at the camp and a 1 year family membership to the museum. Listening to Robert Lugo gives me hope that maybe maybe maybe 1 kid that passes through camp will go on to stand up like him and his art. Maybe if enough of us stand up like him, we can right the world back onto its axis, cause God knows it’s tilted way out of whack these days.

  4. Roberto’s moving speech brought tears to my eyes and I am sure to most of the audience. In my many years of NCECA going, this will stand out as the most important, moving and wonderful presentation I have ever seen. Thanks Cindy for putting it online!

  5. Heather Alexander says:

    Thank you for sharing so soon after the conference. Glad to see and share it.

  6. Nancy Barsky says:

    Thank you for posting this. I am going to share this with my High School Ceramic students in North Las Vegas. We are split in thirds demographically between White, Black, and Hispanic. I can see this sparking some great conversations and art!
    Thank you Roberto for speaking from your heart. As my kids say, you are talking about things that are “real”.

  7. beth bolgla says:

    fantastic talk…thanks Roberto Lugo!! Saw this image a block away from my apt in brooklyn this morning and wanted to share with you…there’s so much more to be doing!!

    • Roberto Lugo says:

      Thanks for posting this. Its amazing what you see when someone points it out to you.

      • beth bolgla says:

        yep…come visit when you’re in NYC… 🙂

      • Luciana says:

        Roberto , I saw this video from Rosario , Argentina . My English is basic and I would like it could translate to spread here. Thank you very much !

        • Amanda Barr says:

          Hola, te puedo ayudar! Déjame trabajar en la traducción un rato y te escribo cuando la tengo completa. ¿Sale bien si es en subtítulos? Hablaré también con Roberto. -amanda

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  9. Linda Emden says:

    I hope he gets to come to Amsterdam NY when he is upstate. This city, these kids really need him.

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  11. […] I couldn’t attend NCECA in Rhodes Island this year, so I was delighted to discover a lot of information and videos of the conference.  The speech by emerging artist, Roberto Lugo was so inspiring.  Doesn’t it make you feel that ceramics is alive moving into the future.This machine kills hate […]