In his article, Finding One’s Wheel, which appears on page 27-28 of the 2015 NCECA Journal, Roberto Lugo described himself as a “potter, activist, culture-maker, rapper, poet and educator.”   I believe I would add “inspiration,” “mentor” and “ceramics rockstar” to that list.  Additionally, he wrote:

 I have a dream where I can change the world by making pots, showing others how to make pots, and by bringing those very vessels to a meal – a meal where everyone is valued.  My work creates a place where hate is put up agains love and finally loses.

All of us in the audience on Saturday morning, the 28th of March in the Rhode Island Convention Center, were moved by the words he spoke and the eloquence with which he delivered his Emerging Artist presentation.  Trembling, at moments, from the dramatic recitation of Lugo’s oration, I found tears streaming down my face many times, (and then many more again as I prepared the video of his speech for dissemination here.) and then I would be shocked to find myself chuckling, even while the wetness remained on my cheeks.

I was blessed to have a half an hour with him on Wednesday morning for a one on one interview.  Watch for that coming soon to the NCECA podcast (we’ll announce it here on the blog), but in the meantime, I have for you the most-requested piece of content I’ve seen in my time.