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Candidate Interviews: 2020 Director at Large and Student Director at Large

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The Director at Large (DAL) and the Student Director at Large (SDAL) are elected by and represent the NCECA membership on the NCECA Board. Usually the DAL and SDAL candidates meet with NCECA members face to face during the conference. [...]

2020 voting requirements, the nitty-gritty

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Here is what you need to know… –This year, NCECA is holding elections to fill two positions on its Board of Directors: Director at Large (DAL) and Student Director at Large (SDAL). To learn more about the DAL and SDAL [...]

NCECA Board elections: OPT IN and cast your vote!

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It is that time of year, NCECA is looking to fill two vacated seats on our board of directors, one Director at Large (DAL) and one Student Director at Large (SDAL). Our new DAL will help manage our emerging artists [...]