CLAY’S NOURISHMENT: HANDBUILDING INTERDEPENDENT COMMUNITIES – Lauren Sandler’s submission to Across the Table, Across the Land

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Many projects are flowing into Across the Table, Across the Land and we are excited to share some of these over the next two months leading up to the final deadline of January 4th. This recent submission by Lauren Sandler [...]

Connecting Generations through Ceramics in Denver, CO

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We kick off blogging about Project Submissions to Across the Table, Across the Land with a project led by Macy Dorf, who lives in Denver, Colorado. Macy Dorf, Denver Colorado: Working with Diana and Davine on making a plate [...]

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Skelly’s Top Five Favorites

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Hi NCECA Friends! It's beginning to feel a lot like NCECA time! I'm hope everyone is getting excited for the journey to Providence! There's a list of my top five favorite places in Providence to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner! [...]

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This is A Very Serious Game

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High Drama! Free Xuns! Ceramic Rayguns! Statistical Analysis! What else could you ask for from a work of art? I am extremely excited to be debuting a new interactive performance at the conference this year. A Very Serious Game has [...]

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A Social Media Primer

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I consider myself lucky. I was born at exactly the right time, in my opinion. The technology boom started to hit stride as I was in high school and college, making it easy for me to adopt easily. My relationship [...]

Providence Food Guide: Fun Up the Block

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Hi NCECA Friends! On map number 9 is the Convention Center, The Hilton is located across the street from the Convention Center, and further down the block is Providence Place Mall. The Mall has a variety of chain restaurants that [...]

Apply now! 2015 Projects Space

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Do you like a challenge? Do you live life as a "lively experiment?" Do you push boundaries, can you solve problems on the fly while working in front of an audience? Then, 2015 NCECA Projects Space is where you need to [...]

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Cool Happenings at the Green Task Force Booth #137

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This year the Green Task Force will be back in the Resource Hall at booth space #137, Look for the NCECA GTF Banner.  We have several special guests that will be in and out of the booth during the course [...]

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Kathy Maves, First NCECA

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I can’t believe it! I am getting ready to go to my very first NCECA conference, in Milwaukee WI next week. I have wanted to go for years. This year is the year. Hi. My name is Kathy Maves. I [...]

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Sustainable Ceramics by Robert Harrison

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There is a new book that is now available and will be at the NCECA GreenTask Force booth to view.  This is an excellent book full of information about sustainability within the field of ceramics.  Written and edited by Robert [...]

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Tenderloin Dirt Harvest: Please be seated on the ground

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Ilana Crispi (a past conference presenter for the Green Task Force) is once again showing her latest work in San Francisco, California.  This is a fantastic project that is worth looking into even if you are not in the area. [...]

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Emotional Sustainability, By Maret Miller

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Emotional sustainability, as I define it, is the ability of an object to maintain perpetual relevance through how we understand the meaning of the object. In short, how we treat an object is dependent on how we feel about or [...]

2014 Emerging Artist Open Call

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Greetings NCECA fans and especially to those of you who are interested in applying for our 2014 Emerging Artists award! It is that time of year when we are seeking the most promising early-career artists in our field to shine at [...]

Topical Solutions

By |2013-03-12T11:11:06-05:00March 12th, 2013|Categories: Conference Cities, Emerging Artists, Featured, Houston|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , | I can still remember the first time I attended NCECA's Topical Discussions. I think I went to the discussions because there was going to be a session on china painting, but I wandered around the ballroom where the discussions [...]

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