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2016 Emerging Artist Kyungmin Park

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Kyungmin Park - Being an Artist Growing up in South Korea, I was labeled as a too opinionated, too independent and uptight not so girly girl. I always ask questions until I find an answer that makes sense to me. [...]

Emerging Artist Adam Chau

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Adam Chau - Essay about influence and idea development  "My clay journey started early - my family opperated a bakery when I was growing up and I learned commercial-level baking at a very young age; it was shortly after that [...]

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A Conversation with Jessica Brandl, 2017 NCECA Emerging Artist

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Jessica Brandl, one NCECA’s 2017 Emerging Artists has had a busy time since delivering an outstanding presentation on the final day of the conference in Portland, Oregon. Over the summer, she relocated from Philadelphia, where she had been teaching at [...]