There is a new book that is now available and will be at the NCECA GreenTask Force booth to view.  This is an excellent book full of information about sustainability within the field of ceramics.  Written and edited by Robert Harrison, with contributions from nearly thirty national and international makers, experts and luminaries in the field.  This book covers all the factors to consider when going ‘green’ from fuels and alternative firing technology to energy-saving methods, sustainable ways to collect and use clay itself, and ways to deal with waste materials and save water.  You will even find a section written about NCECA’s very own Green Task Force!!  If you are looking for simple and achievable methods to reduce the carbon footprint of ceramic art look no further, Sustainable Ceramics  offers examples throughout of potters and clay artists who reclaim, reuse and recycle.  Whether you work in your own studio, a community center, college or school, Sustainable Ceramics contains information that will change your approach to how you create in clay.

Robert Harrison is a practicing artist in Helena, Montana working for more than 40 years doing site-specific large-scale architectural sculpture and smaller sculptural works that reflect his interest in architecture.  He holds both a BFA and MFA in Ceramics, a member of the International Academy of Ceramics, and is a founding member of WABA (World Association of Brick Artists).  He has held the positions of Director at Large, Publications Director, and President for NCECA, and during his tenure as President formed the Green Task Force.

Thank you so much for bringing this book to Life Robert Harrison, the Green Task Force applauds you!!