Following the 2013 Houston Conference, NCECA created a survey to investigate perceptions on a variety of topics about the conference and the organization itself.  There were over one thousand respondents, with 730 from conference registrants. The total number of respondents represent just over 20% of the total conference attendance at the conference, making the findings statistically representative of the whole within a 3% margin of error. NCECA’s board reviewed and discussed a complete report of the survey, including eighty pages of charts, graphs and comments, which offered a lot of information to digest and ideas to investigate.  As a member-driven organization, NCECA felt it important to share the findings of the survey with you. Data including a sampling of representative and sometimes conflicting comments have been summarized and synthesized in a 6-minute video below.

In the year ahead, look for follow-up on additional comments, ideas and suggestions from the survey on the blog.  NCECA appreciates the input of everyone who took the survey and we remain open to suggestions for improvement.  If you have any thoughts you would like to share with us, please use the contact form directly below the video, or, just below that, you may leave a public comment here.

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Thank you!