If you’ve been looking for offerings at NCECA that speak directly to the student experience, your search is over!  This year’s Student Perspective room once again brings another opportunity to Ooh and Aah, to reinvigorate your practice, and send you home with a renewed sense of focus and energy for living a fully immersive life in clay.   Here are a few “itineraries” to get you started.

Are you… 

… In the mood for thoughtful conversations about how to be a lifelong learner? 

A Ceramics PhD (Thomas Stollar)

The Utility in Hands-On Learning (Amy Shindo) – a personal account of internships and assistantships

The Illusion of Talent: How to Build Skill in Clay (Josh Novak)

Now or Later: Thoughts on the Return to Academia  (Shalya Marsh, Marty Fielding, and Emily Reason)

…Looking for an academic crash (dis)course in contemporary ceramics and theory?  

Porcelain Pastiche: Chris Antemann and Super-Object (Katharine Payne)

Grayson Perry and the Subversive Power of Ornamentation (Djinnaya Stroud)

Deconstructing Material (Zachary Wollert)

…Hoping for practical advice on professional practices?  

Become Your Own Photographer (Dustin Miyakawa)

Troubleshooting Installation Day (Jessica Longobardo, Sara Allen, Sarah Heitmeyer, and Max Seinfeld)

Recording Research: Documentation in the Digital World  (Liz Martin and Jeni Hansen Gard)

The Basics of Business in the Arts (Heidi McKenzie)

Teaching in Graduate School: Students Teaching Students (Bech Evans and Eric Thornton)

…Seeking creative inspiration, or just plain ready to try something new? 

Beyond the Studio: Inspiring Social Change Through the Creative Arts (Sara Caropreso and Sara Kurtz)

Research as Practice (Brittany Watkins and Gabriela Fulginiti) – on building and using a 3D printer

Insight/On Site (Sarah Henry and Kevin Cieplensy) – a ceramic response to historic sites at the Huguenot Historical Society

Working Glass in a Ceramic Studio (Joe Lee)