Last year, NCECA members donated over ONE THOUSAND CUPS to the annual NCECA cup sale.  I think we can increase that number this year.  Richard Wehrs, cup show coordinator extraordinare (and maker of awesome cups) is already hard at work in his studio making some cups with serious character.  Who’s joining him?

Need more enticement?  A decade ago, NCECA established the “Cups of Merit” Commission Award to recognize outstanding craftsmanship and artistic merit among the generous donors to NCECA’s Annual Cup Sale.  Each year NCECA has appointed a small panel of three distinguished ceramic artists to make merit awards from all the cups submitted to the Annual show.  Jurors will make purchase awards totaling up to $1000 to three or more makers included in the Cup Sale.  NCECA will retain cups in its collection for as long as a time as it is practical. Cups may be periodically removed from the collection to recognize individuals for outstanding service or generosity to NCECA.

Then, on Friday, at 8:00am, you have the opportunity to build your own collection by purchasing these amazing cups while also helping to build the NCECA Fund for Artistic Development (last year’s cup sale raised over $30,000!).   This fund provides opportunities for artistic growth through scholarships, residencies and programs including the Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship. Purchases are limited to three cups. Cups will be on sale until they are sold out.  The line to purchase cups starts quite early…how early should you arrive to get your choice of cup?  Check out this video (credit – Jim Bailey) from last year’s cup sale: