One of the best things about NCECA is that it is a member-driven organization. The board members, speakers, presenters, and panelists are almost always one of us. In any large group, there’s always a tendency to assume that “they” will do it. “They” will organize the conference, develop new content, and guide the organization. However, the great thing about NCECA is that there is no “they”, only “we”. The board members of NCECA have always been one of us- members of the group who have been willing to step forward and make good things happen.

We’re writing to remind you that we’re seeking nominations for members who are willing to serve on the Board of Directors. You can nominate someone else, or you can self-nominate.

The members we need include two future cycles of President, as well as the next Secretary and Programs Director, each of which will be determined through 2/3 majority board vote. A membership-wide vote will take place in February-March 2020 and will determine representation for Director at Large and Student Director at Large. Candidates elected for these two positions will begin their service immediately following closing ceremonies of the 2020 conference.

The NCECA board is consistently made stronger with fresh perspectives and diverse interests within the field of ceramics. Consider serving on the NCECA Board of Directors and enriching your clay community!

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