In her article on pages 26-27 of the NCECA journal, Rachel K. Garceau describers herself as a wheel-thrower, a mold maker, a slip caster, a printmaker and a storyteller.  Her work is clearly the synthesis of these many identities and their unique principles and skill sets.  She wrote:

Through all of these processes, I am continually on a path of discovery.  And each day I arrive in the studio, it is through repeating forms, noticing subtleties and making choices that I learn a bit more about myself and my surroundings.  It is as much a practice in observations, reflection, and decision-making at it is in design, construction, and repetition.

All of us in the audience on Saturday morning, the 28th of March in the Rhode Island Convention Center, were treated to an excerpt of that journey of discovery.  As I listened to her speak about her experiences, I was inspired to look more deeply at the world around me, to take more time to notice the details.   I was also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Rachel one on one during the conference.  Watch for that coming soon the the reinvented NCECA Podcast (returning soon).  For now, enjoy rediscovering Rachel:


Rachel completed the Core Fellowship at Penland School of Crafts (NC) in 2013 and has been a resident artist at Vendyssel Kunstmuseum (DK) and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (TN).  Currently living and working in Atlanta, GA, Rachel utilizes slip-cast porcelain forms to create site-specific installations.