As you look through conference programming, be sure to block out time for the 2015 roundtable discussion, Pass the Peas: Food, Objects and the Making of Community.   This will take place on Thursday morning, from 9-10:30am in ballroom D/E.

The roundtable format was launched last year in Milwaukee, and is designed to bring together a diverse group of thinkers to be in conversation with our Keynote presenter. Essentially it is a way to draw out the ideas that started the conference and to stage a public conversation with multiple perspectives.

Namita Gupta Wiggers will moderate this year’s roundtable in conversation with Aruna D’Souza, Julia Galloway, Frederick Douglas Opie and Vipoo Srivilasa.  Pass the Peas: Food, Objects and the Making of Community will think broadly about the complex ways that we understand place and memory through objects, food and community engagement; from the perspective of writing books, making objects, curating exhibitions, digging local clay and staging group meals.

Last year we had a room filled to capacity- so make sure to arrive early to secure a good seat. You wont be disappointed.

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