by acrossthetable

Over the past several weeks we have been working through all of the images, text and stories submitted by NCECA members for the Across the Table, Across the Land exhibition.   While there are several “large” projects included in the exhibition, there are many projects that may typically go unseen or unheard of simply because they were made to connect with individuals and not for a broader audience. The wonderful thing […]

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by Casey Holden, Red Lady Gallery

RISE: Emerging Graduate Ceramics highlights the up and coming talent from the Fort Hays State University graduate ceramics program, including 9 artists. This diverse group of makers exemplifies fine craft, celebrates traditional practice, and contributes to the field through both concept and process driven work. This vast array of styles makes RISE a true showcase of the ceramic work being made by young artists. RISE is hosted by The Red […]

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by Joshua Green, Executive Director

NCECA’s 2016 roundtable discussion, Fueling the Imagination: How We Talk/Work/Play Across Our Differences, brings together moderator, Ben Carter with John Borstel, Andrea Gill, Simone Leigh, and Hideo Mabuchi for a conversation about the roles of mindfulness and language in generating of communities of practice. In “Fueling the Imagination” an essay from Liz Lerman’s Hiking the Horizontal, she recounts a conversation with Nobel laureate Dr. Eric Wieschaus. Wondering about how the […]

by Dawn Holder

Does looking at all of the awe-inspiring pottery, sculpture, and installation art at NCECA just make your hands crave the touch of clay? If so, one exhibition you shouldn’t miss this year is Projects Space! This year’s artists will all be working with wet clay, and two of the projects are interactive. If you need to get dirty, we’ve got you covered. If you aren’t familiar with Projects Space, it […]

by Amanda Barr

Rabbit hole, am I right? Creating a static online resource page for anything is an impossibility. It would need to be updataed daily.  Instead, we have put together this “list of the moment”, You can check out the first part here and watch for more in the future!   Feel free to leave suggestions for sites to be included in part 3 in the comments below! Publications: American Craft American Craft Council Magazine,dedicated to […]

by Jen Chua

If you twisted my arm and made me choose, I would probably say that my high school English teacher is the person who taught me critical thinking skills.  Our standard homework assignment was to come up with discussion questions for what we’d read the night before, and she would collect them all to read aloud at the beginning of each class.  She defined “good” questions as those which could not […]

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by Mary Cloonan, Programs Director

Gail Kendall professor emeritus University of Lincoln, NE takes the stage with David Eichelberger, Assistant Professor at Ferrum College in Ferrum, Virginia, unified with their love of earthenware and balanced by their contrasting surfaces. Kendall is influenced by the exhuberant pottery traditions of the 13th -18th century Middle East and Europe, while Eichelberger’s quiet style pulls from a more meditative place inspired to give the viewer pause. Imperfection and makers […]

by Paul Donnelly, On-Site Liaison, 2016

The Rivermarket hosts a weekly farmers market from early summer to mid fall. During the rest of the year, you can visit a variety of restaurants there, with a particularly lengthy list of great Vietnamese places. The Kansas City Artist Coalition, Kiosk Gallery, and Steamboat Arabia Museum are hosting exhibitions in the Rivermarket, please note there is a admission fee to enter the Steamboat Arabia Museum. While you are here, […]

by Paul Donnelly, On-Site Liaison, 2016

Close to downtown, The Crossroads Arts District is known to be particularly crowded on “First Fridays” because of the numerous art galleries situated there. Many of the exhibitions for NCECA will be taking place here and it is just a short walk from the convention center. Several NCECA sponsored exhibitions that you will want to visit are the National Juried Student Exhibition, the Honors & Fellows Exhibition and The Emerging […]

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

As I was thinking how to write about the benefits of being a member of NCECA, there were two quotes that came to mind: “Membership has its privileges” and “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Think for a minute about which one describes you better.   I’d guess that the people reading this are more likely to ally themselves with the first statement.  It seems […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Today’s column is about giving you some inside information about who you need to know.  The NCECA organization is supported by a stupendous staff of 8 led by our exceptional Executive Director, Josh Green.  There really just aren’t enough words to accurately convey the magnificence of Josh.  He has breadth of knowledge on a variety of topics not just related to clay, but also business and the running of a non-profit organization.  He’s […]

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by Leigh Taylor Mickelson, Exhibitions Director

I am excited to announce that next week (Friday, February 26th), The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO, will open NCECA’s 2016 Invitational exhibition “Unconventional Clay: Engaged in Change.”  Co-curated by the museum’s Director of Curatorial Affairs Catherine Futter and myself, the exhibition will feature the works of 24 artists who are pushing the boundaries of the medium and exploring connections between clay, art, process and social issues.  The exhibition […]

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by Chris Staley, President Elect

Dear NCECA Friends, I just wanted to reach out to you briefly and write a few words about this years Keynote speaker Liz Lerman. For all of us involved in the world of the ceramic arts and education we know how seminal the “Critique” is to learning. Perhaps no one has written more insightfully about this process than Liz Lerman. Liz Lerman is a performer, teacher, speaker and consultant. In […]

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

The Garden Party explores the fine line between the need to preserve and the need to re-imagine, re-configure, and re-contextualize the world around us.  Tapping into the rich visual and symbolic history of the garden as muse, the selected artists question artificiality, preciousness, and romantic notions of the sublime. Featured Artists: Kim Dickey, Rain Harris, Jessica Knapp, Kyle Triplett, and Casey Whittier “The Garden Party features five artists who utilize ceramics to […]