by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Learn about The Clay Lady Way® which includes over 30 years of tested projects, classroom management and single- ring technique that guarantees your students’ success! (And Yours!)  Enjoy this popular lecture from the K-12 room at NCECA 2016:  

by Saba Stovall

The work of Joanna Poag centers around the concept of homeostasis, the process in which a system maintains stability through self-regulation. Homeostasis is most applicable to living creatures, but Poag reinterprets the concept through her work in ceramics. Ceramic art creates it’s own system – a delicate balance of materials to create the physical medium, the artist’s hand to balance the composition, the precise control of the kiln environment to […]

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

3D printing is “just another tool in the tool box,” but the implementation of this technology within the ceramics curriculum has its challenges. Among those are facilities, funding and competent staffing. The rewards become evident as students embrace the technology to carry out their concept in a unique way not possible without it.  This week, join Shoji Satake for his part of the co-lecture, “TEACHING TECHNOLOGY: CHALLENGES AND REWARDS”  and […]

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

If you missed NCECA’s Saturday morning Emerging Artist Presentations, catch Joanna Poag’s presentation right here!  And be sure to follow the blog and keep an eye out for an insightful essay on Joanna from on of our new guest bloggers, coming soon!

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Sharing global resources is at the heart of the DIY 3D printing community. The increasing availability of inexpensive materials and an open source knowledge base has facilitated their application in ceramics studios and institutions worldwide. Extrusion-based ceramic 3D printers can print any clay and can be combined with any other studio process, allowing these digital tools to be combined with hand forming methods and facilitating experimentation and collaboration across all studio […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Our 50th anniversary conference kicked off with a festive opening ceremony, featuring Liz Lerman as our Keynote Speaker.  If you missed it, you can view the opening and keynote below.  Stay tuned for the exciting & stimulating Randall Session!

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

This panel celebrates the critical contributions of nine women trailblazers in their roles as artists, educators, mentors, writers, gallery directors and museum professionals.  They transformed materials, pushed the boundaries of techniques, and revolutionized contemporary ceramics through their work in the studio and in the ceramics community. –  Panel Moderator, Beth Ann Gerstein Join panelists, Janet Koplos, Joan Takayama Ogawa, and Janis Mars Wunderlich as they explore the impact of Leza […]

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

If you had to fly out before our closing ceremonies, you can view it here!  Includes NSJE Undergraduate & Graduate Awards, Merit & Purchase Awards, Residency Announcements, Cups of Merit, Board Service recognition, new board member announcements and more.

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

For this episode of NCECA 360 we have a group interview from our recent 50th anniversary conference in Kansas City. You will hear artists and educators David Macdonald, Sharif Bey, Gail Kendall and David Eichelberger discuss how mentorship has shaped their ceramic lives.For more information about NCECA 360, or the programming we have to offer please visit” Listen in directly here! or Click Here to subscribe to the podcast feed!

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

With the support of 92Y Virtual Clay, Skutt Kilns, Shapeways, Anne W. Bracker, West Virginia University, and presenting artists, Clay Fab Lab represents a new conference experience with clay, touch, and technology. Emergence of new technologies and their application to ceramic art and learning represent exciting possibilities that will influence the field’s continued evolution in the 21st century. Many of these technologies are becoming more accessible and some are even DIY…  

by Dylan Beck, 2017 Onsite Co-Liaison

Future Flux, the 51st Annual NCECA Conference takes place in Portland, Oregon March 22-25, 2017 Deadline for Programming Proposals: May 4, 2016, 11:59pm MST. In less than a week the call for programming proposals for Future Flux in Portland will close. Much of the conference’s programming is member generated. That means you get to help create the conference you want! Have you been wishing that a certain topic would be addressed […]

by Russell Wrankle

My first memorable NCECA was the 1995 Minneapolis, Minnesota conference. This was before cell phones, and Mark Zuckerberg was 10 years old and he hadn’t yet revolutionized the way we communicate, and galleries were the only game in town. Minneapolis was a vessel-heavy NCECA with more galleries with great work than one could possibly take in. I was an undergraduate student at the time and I remember being fully inspired […]

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Honorary Members of the Council are recognized for significant lifetime contributions advancing the field of ceramics.  2016 inductees were Nina Hole (posthumously) and Stuart Kestenbaum.  Fellows of the Council are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts.  At the 2016 conference, NCECA conferred this title upon Steve Hilton and Glenda Taylor (posthumously).  The Excellence in Teaching Award is given for consistent contributions to the […]

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by Shalya Marsh

As a member’s organization, NCECA relies on the creative energy, vision and contribution of all of its members to create the fantastic conference content that we all look forward to each spring. As the next generation of makers, educators and visionaries, students are a vital part of that content. The application deadline for Student Perspectives program proposals is May 4th, 2016, and students, we really hope you will consider applying.  […]

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