by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Recently, I have seen and heard a flurry of questions about the overall NCECA schedule and making decisions.  Specifically, a lot of people are asking “If I can only spend one day at NCECA, which one do I pick?”  Of course this is an incredibly hard question because even spending ALL the days at NCECA you can’t do everything!  That decision is also really personal, depending on what you like.  BUT, […]

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by Cynthia Cosentino

The New Bedford Whaling Museum is hosting 3 events in conjunction with the 2015 NCECA conference.  Of Earth and Sea: Artists Respond to the New Bedford Whaling Museum Collection, an exhibition of contemporary ceramics, opens on March 12th and will be up until the end of August.  Eight area artists: Chris Archer, Mary Barringer, Cynthia Consentino, Molly Hatch, Sergei Isupov, Kathy King, Jim Lawton, and Seth Rainville, were invited to visit the Museum and create new works […]

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Usually you would be hearing about conference programming from our amazing Programs Director, Steve Hilton, but I had to wrestle this one away from him because I absolutely love collaborative clay-community building endeavors (I also love alliteration, can you tell?). Not every NCECA member came to clay through the academic route.   As a whole, we are now almost an even split between those in post-secondary environments and those who meet their […]

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by Dandee Pattee

NCECA Expo has been steadily growing in popularity.  Providence NCECA is the first time Expo has had to establish an adjudication process to accept galleries.   What great news for our membership because it is well known that as competition for Expo increases so does the quality of the booths.   There is a great line-up of returning galleries this year.  You may remember the thoughtfully considered and constructed booth […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

We are excited to announce the latest additions to NCECA’s video series…the 2014 Demonstrator DVDs!   We even put together a playlist with some snippets from the videos.  Check them out here on our YouTube channel, and pick up the full DVD in Providence.  (DVDs will also be available in the NCECA online conference beginning in May)   If you liked the NCECA Conference poster you received in the mail, […]

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by Steve Hilton, Programs Director

Honor and celebrate the lives of NCECA members and significant figures in our field who have passed away since our 2014 conference in Milwaukee. This session will be an educational experience through presentations on some of our Past Masters by charting their impact on the field. Join us at 10:45am on Thursday in Ballroom D/E.    

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by Kate Oggel

Just north of downtown Providence is the Pawtucket Armory Arts Center, a historic building in the center of the Pawtucket Arts District. A team of local volunteers is transforming this 11,000 square foot space into an exhibition area for the largest group of exhibitions at this conference. Come to one location to see the work of over 100 artists participating in six independent ceramics exhibitions. The themes are varied, and […]

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by Steve Hilton, Programs Director

If you are a teacher, you might just want to find a comfy place in room 552, because you’ll probably be spending a lot of time there!  We have an amazing slate of  programming that will particularly appeal to educators: Thursday 10:15am-11:45am Hands On: Clay Curriculum Ideas & Techniques By Diana Faris As the Arts Standards change, Ceramics continues to provide a wealth of creative learning opportunities in the class room. […]

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by Jill Foote-Hutton

Earlier this week while working on a commissioned jar for kombucha… I was mid-coil, bent over the cylinder, with my nose buried in the scent of wet clay. Honestly, the essence of muddy water emanating from the humid core of the vessel was intoxicating. It might sound melodramatic, but that makes it no less true. I kept putting my nose back over the top so I could smell the wet clay […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

After a lovely evening of gallery openings on Thursday evening, you can get your groove on from 9:30pm – 1:00am in the Narragansett A/B Ballroom of the Omni Hotel.  If you play a musical instrument, or would like to listen to some great music, join this informal gathering of musicians playing improvised/unrehearsed music. I danced pretty hardcore at one point last night. One might probably prefer to call it flailing and […]

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

No car?  no worries…There are plenty of exhibitions within walking distance!  Let’s start in the convention center itself.  There you will find some of the staples of NCECA such as the NCECA Gallery Expo, the Emerging artists and the K-12 Show, but there’s more, and all close enough that you can walk to it! In the Resource Hall: The Potter’s Council Juried member’s show Juried by Holly Goring, Editor, Pottery […]

by Lauren Skelly

Hi NCECA Friends! After talking to some local Providence coffee connoisseurs and friends I was able to put together a few more fun spots for a fine cup of cheer.  Small Point Cafe, Olga’s Cup and Saucer and Coffee Exchange are the shops that will be featured in this post.        Small Point Cafe – 230 Westminster Stree Great space for a breakfast or  a light lunch or afternoon snack, a common sandwich […]

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by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

It’s been a real whirlwind leading up to our 49th conference, and the blog has been buzzing with information.  We don’t want you to miss anything, so we’ve created this comprehensive list of all our blog entries regarding the conference, sorted by type.   You might also notice that the menu bar at the top has been modified.  Most of those menus or submenus direct to category links, so if […]

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by Steve Hilton, Programs Director

On Thursday and Friday in rooms 555/556 of the convention center, you will find the Process Room.  Unlike the large stage with full projections for our simultaneous demonstrations, this room is intended as a more intimate setting designed to allow potters to connect more directly with the artist.  However, now in its third year, this room is VERY popular, so don’t be late, and do expect the possibility of standing room only.  These sessions […]

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