by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

A few weeks ago, Garth Johnson revealed NCECA’s brand new READING ROOM.  Well, that’s not the only new thing happening this year in Providence.  In addition to hearing the desire to discuss the latest tomes in ceramic art education, the NCECA Board also heard clamoring for current ceramics films.  The result? drumroll, please….. Join us for our first ever Film Night at NCECA! This year, we are pleased to present a double feature of documentaries! […]

by Steve Hilton, Programs Director

During the early nineteenth century, Staffordshire transferware depicting North American scenery was hugely popular in the United States. These now feature in many American Art Museums. This panel will examine the historical contexts of transfer wares, their political and cultural functions as well as highlighting their contemporary relevance to contemporary artistic practice.

by Jill Oberman

Last week, NCECA Communications Director Cindy Bracker posted a brief overview of the current Board of Directors. As she pointed out, this group of dedicated volunteers, along with the NCECA staff, lends their talents to the oversight and execution of the many activities and programs of the Council. Each year elections to fill vacant Board seats coincide with the annual conference.  This year is no different, and we encourage NCECA […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

If you were with us last year in Milwaukee, you might still be talking about De La Buena.  They were incredible, right?  Well, prepare to be blown even further away (and while you’re at it, prepare to function on very little sleep) because this year, we have two amazing musicians and one fabulous backup band.  Read on to get the advanced *notes* on these amazing musicians, then plan to pack […]

by Jill Foote-Hutton

Adam Shiverdecker’s body of work presents a unique opportunity to consider the role of the artist. Any work of art, taken as a singular object, is like contemplating one measure without the context of the entire melody. And, usually that is the slice we are given as the audience of visual art. Perhaps it is the pursuit OF context that keeps us, the audience, excited, researching a maker, pursuing their […]

by Kevin Ramler

High Drama! Free Xuns! Ceramic Rayguns! Statistical Analysis! What else could you ask for from a work of art? I am extremely excited to be debuting a new interactive performance at the conference this year. A Very Serious Game has been crafted especially for NCECA and every conference attendee will be a player in this expansive, experimental game. These players, or Væssals, will go about their normal business- attending lectures, […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Last week, in this “Inside NCECA” series, I introduced you all to the NCECA Board and staff.  On Monday, you got to learn a little bit about some of the artists we will be honoring this year.   You can also get to know ALL of our presenters (including pictures of their lovely faces) within the conference section of the NCECA website, and keep an eye on the blog for future […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

MICHAEL J. STRAND LIVE FROM BRAZIL VIA NCECA/92Y VIRTUAL CLAY LECTURE At 7:00 PM EST on Wednesday, March 4, Michael J. Strand will present his lecture, 25,000 Years: Craft Practice Beyond the Object via live stream from a residency in Brazil. Associate Professor and Head of Visual Arts at North Dakota State University, Strand’s artistic practice investigates the potential of craft as a catalyst for social change. This online interactive lecture will explore ways […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Whether used to safely store and efficiently serve food, transform experience through ceremony and ritual, or in the context of contemporary, socially engaged practices, ceramics and craft objects have been touchstones for human purpose and connection. This lecture will demonstrate the potential of objects in the 21st century to be effective catalysts for community cohesion and social change.  Michael Strand provides the next installment in the joint NCECA/ 92Y Virtual Clay lecture […]

by Lauren Skelly

Hi There! Here’s a list of local shops that may help you with any necessary items, pharmacies, grocery stores, liquor stores…etc. Convenience Stores Atwells Minimart 196 Atwells Avenue (401) 457-9994 7-ELEVEN 10 Dorrance Street #105 (401) 351-6287 Super Star Mini Market 163 Broadway Pharmacies East Side Prescription Center (401) 751-1430 632 Hope St CVS (401) 461-4383 960 Broad St Walgreens 401-276-8301 333 Atwells Ave     Liquor […]

by Paul Sacaridiz, President-Elect

In selecting our keynote for this year’s conference, the NCECA board was looking to be strategic in identifying someone that could speak to our field in ways that made connections between food, objects and community. There are a host of reasons for this decision, not the least of which having to do with an exciting nationwide project that we will be unveiling in Providence and taking place in the year […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Held annually, this exhibition (formally known as the “Regional Student Juried Exhibition”) showcases undergraduate and graduate student work. In 2010, the NCECA Student Juried Exhibition expanded to a NATIONAL competition.  The jurors for this year’s exhibition were Ryan LaBar and Magdalene Odundo. Ryan LaBar grew up in Great Falls Montana. He received a degree in Biology and Art from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. In 1999, he moved to Helena, Montana […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

As I sitting here, watching the Oscars, I am thinking about our own upcoming awards.  While we don’t keep it top secret until the envelope is opened, these awards are the similar to the Academy Awards in that they are the most prestigious in our field.  Here, I will provide the briefest of introductions to these phenomenal figures in our field.  But this tiny tidbit is merely designed to entice you […]

by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

So usually I leave the food and other area points of interest to the locals, but after visiting Providence twice, I have found a few favorites of my own.  I really had to think twice about whether to share them though, because I worry that they might become so popular that I can’t get a table!  So, as you read this, keep in mind that if I show up at one […]