Over the years NCECA has been fortunate that there have been so many smart and caring individuals who have worked diligently to make our organization what it is today.  But it is that time again for some new volunteers to step forward and help advance NCECA’s mission and goals.

It’s an incredible time as we have just taken our birthday hats off after celebrating our 50th anniversary in KC, and we’re looking for individuals that have the desire, skills and willingness to help lead us into the next 50 years. We all know someone who would be a great fit in either of the two current open positions and we hope that you will help us to identify or to come forward yourself for the experience of serving our membership.

We’re seeking nominations for Student-Director-at-Large, a two-year position, currently being held by Shalya Marsh and Naomi Clement. SDAL’s inherently share student perspectives in their role as board members. We’re also seeking out nominations for Director-at-Large, a three year position. These past few years have been fortuitous with exceptionally gifted folks serving in this three-year position. Roberto Lugo, Russell Wrankle and Jane Shellenbarger are our current DAL’s and you can see the impact they’ve had on everything from the Gallery EXPO to Emerging Artists and International Residencies to Topical Discussions and NCECA Connections.

Nominations are currently being accepted and online submissions will close on October 5, 2016, so nominate now. As always, please contact me if you have any questions at all about the open board positions at steve.hilton@mwsu.edu.

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