The nominations for NCECA Honors and Awardees always seem to fall right around the time that the Emmy’s recognize excellence in the television industry. I have a close relationship with someone that’s been trying to get me to go for years but I always decline because the NCECA Honors and Awards ceremony is my own personal “CerEmmy” experience and there is no award ceremony that can match it. There is nothing like seeing a beloved and revered individual from our membership receive recognition for their impact on our field. Watching last years recipients: Mary Barringer and Leopold Foulem as Honorary Members, Keith Williams as Fellow, Linda Arbuckle and Wayne Higby for the Excellence in Teaching Awards, Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom for Outstanding Achievement and Harriet Brisson for the Regional Award of Excellence was the absolute highlight of the conference for me.

The theme of our next conference: Makers, Mentors and Milestones, really says it all. As you consider heading to Kansas City for this 50th anniversary conference help us to identify those important makers, mentors and milestone markers. Our community has the opportunity and responsibility to honor, recognize and acknowledge individuals in the field who have made incredible contributions. These are folks who have left a lasting impact and legacy with their work, service, teaching/mentorship or outstanding projects. We all know someone who has contributed in ways that change the way we see and think and left an impact that surpasses the walls of their studios to our great collective benefit. We want to celebrate these individuals and we need your help in the process. We will have programming at the 50th conference in Kansas City to celebrate the 2016 Honors and Awardees. It is a moment to hear from our award winners about their contributions to our shared discipline. Please consider submitting a nomination packet for those you think are especially deserving of these prestigious awards and allow our community the occasion to recognize and celebrate their legacy. Go here to find out more specifics on the list of NCECA Awards. Nominations are still being accepted and online submissions will close on SEPTEMBER 16, 2015, so nominate now. As always, please contact me if you have any questions at all about the Honors and Awards at