Hello NCECA friends…..

I invite you to join me on the journey of fifty years.  At times it felt like it would take that long to bring this video project to fruition.  The first discussions about this project began back in my days as a Director At Large.  Early ideas included traveling and setting up video crews at various centers of clay across the continent.  (hello price tag)….new idea, let’s talk to people at the conference! Our hope was to capture the conversations that happen at the conference as you reminisce with old friends.  You know, the ones that start with…

“hey you remember that time when…..”

“yeah, which conference was that?”

…and end with a story from 3 conferences later, after having reminisced about about a dozen other things from various years of NCECA.  So for three years, NCECA captured the memories of a wide variety of conference attendees, from founders, board members, and first time attendees.  After that came the daunting task of editing and distilling that footage.  Having been present for the majority of the probably 50 or so hours of interviews and B-Roll, I can tell you there’s enough additional content to create video content for a variety of projects for years to come.

Our final project tells the story of NCECA through the eyes of its members.  It’s pretty special.  Because our organization is special.  Don’t you agree?

So we decided to make it available in a special way.  The final video, as well as some special extra bonus features that celebrate our history have been loaded onto a limited edition NCECA Flash Drive.  We made fifty.  You can buy one at the conference merchandise tables for $20.  ($16 for members). Here’s a teaser for you: