We are excited to make available the video footage from NCECA’s inaugural Roundtable Discussion.  At our 48th annual meeting in Milwaukee, with generous support from the Chipstone Foundation, NCECA was able to bring together a “dream team” panel of creative thinkers in and adjacent to our field.  The title of this roundtable, “Handle as Bridge: Creativity, Learning & Purpose” was inspired by a 1911 essay by philosopher and critic Georg Simmel that describes the handle of a vessel as a mediation with the world, bridging connection between the purely aesthetic pursuit of form and social engagement that arises through utility.

Enjoy this panel, moderated by Chris Staley with Brooke Anderson, Theaster Gates, Erica Halverson and Bill Strickland, each of whose endeavors involve new forms of collaboration and ways of thinking about artist practice and its outcomes.  We hope it inspires your own creative ideas!

[vsw id=”NBIY39RH6B0″ source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no”]