John Morse and Marion Angelica think it is fun (and functional) to create an exhibition that provides candy both for the eye and candy for the mouth.  Treat both at the Clay & Candy exhibition at the Sugar,Sugar candy store.


Tracy Holy, Sugar Sugar-Candy’s owner, has created a retro-mod candy store that features imported candies, artisan chocolates and familiar favorites.  SugarSugar-Candy brings back all the charm and excitement of childhood and for this sweet ceramics exhibition, candy meets clay in its happy place.  John Morse and Marion Angelica make unique hand built tableware that proves ‘functional’ can be fun.


clay + CANDY will be on view from March 26th- 31st,  and is open Tuesday- Saturday,11am-6pm 
Join us for special treats at the opening reception,
Thursday, March 28th 5pm -9pm
SugarSugar-Candy is located at 3803 Grand Ave. S. in south Minneapolis, nestled amid three amazing restaurants.
Come see clay + CANDY  and then dine at-
Rincon 38, featuring Latin American tapas, or
Victor’s 1959 Cuban Cafe or The Grand Café with award winning French fare.  (Reservations recommended.)
Live right, love clay and eat dessert first.