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Happy Saturday!  Today I’m going to tell you about what I think is one of the most underutilized tools in the ceramics networking game….

(may I get a drumroll here please?)

The NCECA directory….a completely indexed, searchable, cornucopia of connections, just waiting to be accessed.  I just sent an NCECA-relataed email to 6 people.  I only had ONE  of the needed email addresses in my contacts file.   I was resourceful and found one in the app, and another was shared with me by a mutual friend.  The other three?  I was hitting a brick wall.  Even going to their business websites only lead me to the dreaded “info@” generic email.  I never know who reads those and if they get properly directed.   A sudden source of illumination led me to the NCECA directory.

“whoa…..where’s that?”

you might be wondering (or even asking outloud as if I can hear you….and yes, I can.  *wink*)

Below is a picture guide to everything you need to know about the NCECA online directory….enjoy!

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  1. I searched the directory several months ago to locate ceramic artists in the Denver area as my husband wants us to relocate there and I wanted to know how ceramic friendly the area is, especially about open flame outdoor firing. I sent out an e mail to several people and Courtney Mattison replied and has been very helpful, and we are in the Denver area right now for a vacation and paid her a studio visit. Her work is AMAZING! It was wonderful and all because of the NCECA directory.

    • Ellen Hardman says:

      Hi, Lisa. You might take a trip up to Boulder if you’re still in the area and have time. We have quite an active pottery community up here: The Boulder Pottery Lab, the Boulder Potters Guild, and there are lots of individual potters working from their homes.

      Hope to see you!