If this is your first NCECA, (or even if it’s not), everything can be a little overwhelming.  So we put together a few tools to help you make the most of your conference experience.  First, take a look at the video below, which goes over basically the whole conference experience, then, be sure to check out the handy list of links to previous blog articles which can give you more details about the things you hear about in the video.  Be sure to plan to join me at my NCECA for New Attendees session on Wednesday at 3:30 to ask any remaining questions you may have.  During the conference, you can also always stop by the NCECA booth and ask for advice, help or input.  Lastly, be sure to follow the blog for important information daily leading up to the conference, and continue to follow it AFTER the conference too, to stay in the know about dates, deadlines, and announcements!


Learn about the Roundtable here

Learn about Projects Space here

Learn about Student programming here

Learn about Unconventional Clay here

Learn about Exhibitions in general here

Learn about Liz Lerman and the Keynote here

Learn about the Wednesday Bus TOUR here or  Learn about Wednesday Shuttle Bus Service here

Learn about Marge Levy, our closing lecturer here

Learn about process room here and here

Learn about Grey Area programming here

Learn about the Randall Session here

Learn about the Resource Hall here

Learn about K-12 programming here

Learn about Demonstrators here, here, here and here

Learn about shuttles to receptions here

Learn about Clay Stories here

Learn about the Cup Sale here