It’s been a real whirlwind leading up to our 49th conference, and the blog has been buzzing with information.  We don’t want you to miss anything, so we’ve created this comprehensive list of all our blog entries regarding the conference, sorted by type.   You might also notice that the menu bar at the top has been modified.  Most of those menus or submenus direct to category links, so if you mouse over programming, then hover on conference programming, you can slide along to 2015 conference.  That will bring up every post written about PROGRAMMING for the providence conference.  BUT, if you want a short cut, here it is!  Cruise through the list that follows and check out things you might have missed.  Enjoy and see you soon!

Conference Programming:

Keynote Speaker – Frederick Douglas Opie

Randall Session – ETHEL

Demonstrators – Kristin Morgin, Gustavo Pérez, Linda Christianson & Matt Wedel

Dance Band – Jeff Pitchell & Texas Flood with special guest, James Montgomery

Closing Lecture – Jack Troy

Awards & Honors

Past Masters

Distinguished Lecture, Jon Prown – Coming soon!  Keep watching the blog (this link will be updated once the post goes up)

Connections & Topical Discussions

Process Room

Roundtable Discussion

NEW Opportunities – Reading RoomFilm Night

Student Perspectives

Student Critique Room (MENTORS – you can still sign up here!)

Projects Space

K-12 Room

Emerging Artists – Stay Tuned for information about the 2015 NCECA Emerging Artists.  For now, enjoy these articles about our 2014 Artists:

Zimra Beiner

Renee Brown

Mel Griffin

Lauren Mabry

David Peters

Adam Shiverdecker

Other Programming Sessions:

Studio in the Hospital

No more shipping damage

Social Media as a Ceramic Artist AND A Social Media Primer

Stories Potters Tell

Willows Waterworks & Wild Roses

Other Conference Activities

VOTE for Board members!!!!

Cup Sale & more

Clay Stories/Potter’s Slam

Potter’s Jam