Posted by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Pete Pinnell’s lectures are ALWAYS a highlight of the conference.  This is a man who could make watching paint dry sound fascinating.  At our 2016 Conference in Kansas City, attendees were treated to a lesson on the history of tableware and its use.  I definitely think we need to reexamine the custom of sitting ON tables while enjoying our meals.  Enjoy this popular session, now available on our YouTube channel or right here!

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  1. Lauren Moreira says:

    I hadn’t seen such great conference in a long time. Congratulations!
    I wish he’d had a cup and a water jar made of ceramics instead of plastic bottles!
    It would have proven his very point.
    Lauren Moreira

  2. Acácia Azevedo says:

    The lecture more provocative, meaningful and interesting that I attended in Nceca. For me…I make pots, I think about them, I write about them… Explained and offered me instrumental, and new energy, to continue thinking utilities like art!Thank you.