With the hustle and bustle of the conference finished, I was able to sit down and edit the amazing lecture that Heidi McKenzie presented to a packed room on Thursday morning in Providence.  This session was so popular that we scrambled to make the audio available online, and had it up, unedited, about 4 hours later, but the raw audio file is only part of the presentation.  And as I sat listening to her talk and linking the slides she prepared for her lecture, it did not take me long to understand why she was so popular!  Heidi is an absolute rockstar!  As a business person myself, I found myself nodding emphatically and even voicing my thanks audibly, as if she could hear me from a thousand miles away in Toronto.  What she has to say is something that EVERY artist should hear and take to heart.  Whether you were unable to get in the room, unable to come to the conference, or just need to hear it all again, you can now fully watch and listen to Heidi’s presentation right here, then, go make a plan and do it!

Huge thanks to Heidi for sharing herself and her expertise with NCECA.  We are so fortunate to have members like her.