Posted by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

Back to school season seems to be an ideal time to remind ourselves of Karen Atkinson’s popular session at the 2016 conference.  Get Your $h!t Together and get your semester started right!  Check it out below, and be sure to visit our YouTube channel for more conference session replays!

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  1. As a reminder, all NCECA members get a large discount on GYST software ($30 off) and GYST publications, ($5 off on the Artist Manual and $10 off the Teaching Manual). The coupon codes are CPNNCEGP for the GYST Pro software, and CPNNCEBK for the publications. Also, until Sept 30, 2016 all your friends can also get this discount without the coupon code since we are having a back to school sale. And, as a reminder, we have tons of free resources for artists on our website.

    When you purchase from GYST, we send money to NCECA for every purchase. So support NCECA by supporting and investing in yourself as an artist!

    Thanks to all of you who attended the GYST presentation at the conference and hope all of you are getting lots of work done! Just never quit….