Calling all Cyclists!  As you start to think about travel plans for the 2016 conference in Kansas City, please try to include Tuesday in your trip.  We are planning a group ride in memory of Glenda Taylor.  This ride was something that Glenda and I had spoken about for the last couple of years as plans for Kansas City were only beginning to form.  She was absolutely committed to making it happen because it would be so much fun to get all of us clay cyclists together…and you all know how Glenda is when she decides she’s going to do something….She does it with Gusto!

I’ve put together a crack team of cycling people to help me put this together; a few from within our community such as Steve Branfman, Steve Hilton, Conner Burns, Eleanor Heimbaugh and others, plus a few from the local cycling community, including several of Glenda’s racing teammates as well as the founder of the largest racing team in this area.  We are still finalizing plans, so watch the blog for details as they fall into place, but here’s what we know so far:

• This is a free participation event, with the suggestion of making a donation to the Glenda M Taylor fund at Washburn University, (or a donation to NCECA in her name).

• We will meet around 10 or 10:30am on Tuesday

• We will have two groups, which will stay together for the first part of the ride at a controlled pace of around 14mph.

• When the groups split off, the faster riders will continue on at higher speeds for 20-25 miles, while the slower riders will cover about 16 miles

• We should all be finished at around the same time, just in time for lunch, which many of us might like to enjoy together.

• We are working with local bike shops for rental bikes or shipping bikes.  There is also a great program in Kansas City called BCycle which has many commuter-style bikes available at kiosks for rental.  These would likely be ideal for riders in the slower group. More on bike rental and shipping to come.

Please share this article with any cyclists you know in our lovely community.  I’d love to see an enormous turnout for this event.  Glenda SO loved connecting people with one another.  I have been fortunate that she has continued to do this for me from beyond, as I have found several new friends and much comfort in our local cycling community.   It is my hope that this ride will bring people together, the way Glenda always did, and comfort all of us in our grief.