Every year NCECA makes it a point to have programming available for current students at various levels. They look for ways that will best engage and inspire and one such service they developed was the student critique room. Every year, this is a space that allows for mentors and students to sit down, one-on-one, to have a conversation about the students work. This opportunity gives the mentors a chance to interact with various students but it is a service particularly built to serve student members. Students get an opportunity to share their work and receive feedback from artists outside of their academic institutions. They also gain more practice in sharing their work and ideas, as well as the added benefit of developing their networking skills. This opportunity is all around a great chance for mentors and students. If you find yourself wanting to sign up to be a mentor and help make this amazing opportunity a reality for a student, here is the link:


If you are a student and find that you want to take advantage of this opportunity, here is the link: