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cosentinos_logoCosentino’s is just a couple blocks from the Kansas City convention center and they have just about everything you could need.  From fresh fruits and veggies to other grocery needs, even alcohol and a cafeteria style restaurant, including my favourite – the Gyro counter, where they make amazing sandwiches right in front of your eyes (if you like spicy food, don’t skip the hot pepper relish sauce stuff…it’s awesome!)  There’s also a whole case of decadent delicacies for those of you with a sweet tooth.  It’s just a short walk straight down 13th street, and you’ll be glad you went!

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Cosentino’s Market

10 E 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64106

(816) 595-0050

Open 6am-10pm daily



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  1. Michelle Coakes says:

    This will be great for my students – many of whom are pinching pennies to make the trip and can’t afford to eat out every meal!

  2. […] variety of ethnicities and styles of food and many are roomy enough for large parties of people.  Cosentino’s Market is right on the edge of Power & Light.  If you missed our earlier blog about the magnificence […]