For the first time in our history, NCECA will have a professional videographer capture the spirit and excitement of our annual conference.  Be on the lookout for our conference camera crew:

Tuesday night – at the Expo Opening, 6:30-8:00pm

Wednesday – out and about visiting galleries and shows in Houston

Thursday – In the conference center from 10-4

****Spoiler Alert****As our videographer roams the conference, he will be stopping people at random to ask a question or two.  Want to plan ahead?  You can read the questions HERE.

Additionally, NCECA is working toward the goal of creating an extensive video archive.  On Friday at the conference, our videographer will be set up in one of the open rooms at the convention center to capture conversations between groups of ceramic artists with various similarities.  We are looking for input from our membership on names to include in our various lists for capturing at this and future conferences (We don’t want to miss anyone!!!!)  Our goal is to hear interesting dialogue between students/teachers, influencers/influences, contemporaries, artists working in similar styles, etc) The groupings we have identified thus far are (a few representative names are listed in parenthesis for clarification):

  • Art Critics/Writers (Glen Brown, Garth Clark)
  • Curators & Gallery owners/directors (Leslie Ferrin, Sherrie Hawk, Ben Ahlvers)
  • Bloggers/Podcasters (Garth Johnson, Brian Jones, Carole Epp)
  • Clayart (Mel Jacobsen)
  • Raku Artists (Steve Branfman, Linda & Charlie Riggs)
  • Surface Decorators (Linda Arbuckle, David Gamble)
  • Wood/Salt/Soda Firers (Matt Long, Gail Nichols)
  • Clay & printmaking (Paul Andrew Wandless, Paul Scott)
  • K-12 Teachers (Lee Burningham, Steve Branfman, Leah Schlief-Friesen)
  • Sculptors (Christina Cordova, Dylan Beck, Tom Supensky)
  • Functional Throwers (Warren MacKenzie, Randy Johnston)
  • Cone 6 electric (Ron Roy, Steven Hill)
  • Installation Artists (Haejung Lee, Claire Twomey)
  • Vessel Makers (Danny Meisinger, Brad Schwieger, Harris Deller)
  • Non-traditional approaches to clay (JJ McCracken, Jeremy Brooks)
  • Former & Current board members – Louis Katz, Robert Harrison, Elaine Henry)
  • Book Authors (Robin Hopper, Richard Zakin, Richard Burkett)
  • Generations in clay (people working in the industry, following in the footsteps of a parent, aunt or uncle or grandparent)
  • Students of…
    • Ken Ferguson
    • Warren MacKenzie
    • Joe Bova
    • Harris Deller
    • Gail Kendall/Pete Pinnell
    • Dan Anderson
    • Bunny McBride
    • Yoshi Ikeda
    • Jack Troy
    • Don Reitz
    • Barbara Frey

If you have suggestions for names to be included in these groups, or you have an idea for a grouping we missed, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!