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Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 1.52.05 PMWhen making your travel plans for this year’s conference, be sure to include Saturday’s programming in your itinerary!  One of the highlights of the day is sure to be treasured potter, Jack Troy, who will be delivering this year’s closing lecture.

From 10:35am-11:35am in the Ballroom, Troy will be speaking on the topic of Anecdotal Evidence:

“For myself,” wrote Stanley Kunitz,”I have come to believe that the most wonderful thing to tell is the mystery and beauty of ordinary human existence. If you can tell what it feels like to be alive, then I think you have done what poetry can do better than any other art.”
In workshops I sometimes ask three questions: “How many of you grew up using handmade pots  in daily life? How many of you know a poem by heart? What was your first aesthetic experience?” 512 Second Street, Towanda, PA 1950sMy first aesthetic experience, or “pivotal moment” happened at age 9 on the steps of this house in northern Pennsylvania, where my family lived for 11 years. It involved a sea captain’s telescope, a river, and an elephant.
I hope to see you in the audience at my closing talk, “Anecdotal Evidence.”
Jack Troy

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