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Following last night’s blog post of the Emerging Artist speech by Roberto Lugo, we now offer reflections from the other end of the spectrum….the author of The Ceramic Spectrum, (and many other books..and please pardon the pun), the marvelous and treasured, Robin Hopper.

While Robin wasn’t able to join us in person at the conference this year, he did make a cyber appearance at the Clay Stories event, which was Thursday night at the Omni, immediately preceding the Potter’s Jam.  He charmed and educated us all with his own clay story.  For those of you who missed it, here it is!  And stay tuned for more clay stories, coming soon to the NCECA podcast!



…so, what do you all want next?

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  1. I can’t view the video. I have been waiting for years to see Robin’s closing speech. I had to leave NCECA early and couldn’t attend the closing ceremonies. Help.

  2. I’d love to help you out. Can you tell me a little more about your difficulty viewing the video? It plays for me without problem…..?

  3. When I try to view the video it says “this video is private.”

    You know Cindy, since you and your blogs have entered my life, not a damn thing is getting done around here.

    But please don’t stop!

  4. Susanna says:

    I’d love to see Chris Staley’s talk (again!).

  5. Susanna says:

    And Jack Troy’s speech.

  6. The video is playing fine. Thank you Cindy! Next: Gary Branfman’s lecture and please also Marc Leuthold’s. Hi there Lisa, good to see you again. Keep the good work coming.

  7. Liz Willoughby says:

    I was at the clay stories, loved the event, and thanks so much for putting the video up, so it can be seen again. As a fellow Canadian, and one who knows Robin, it is especially good to hear his story, and to see the Hans Coper pots that he has.
    Looking forward to Kansas City!

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  9. Owen Dearing says:

    Steven Branfman and I knew that Robin’s video was going to be well received when we presented it at ClayStories. We saved it for the very end of the event. Let me tell you, the roar that came from the crowd in that packed ballroom was spine tingling. Robin’s video was the perfect way to end a perfect event – looking forward to NCECA issuing the podcast so that everyone who told their stories can be heard by folks who were not fortunate to attend what many people told us afterwards was the best event at NCECA Providence. Thanks NCECA for letting us put this event on, we sincerely hope that ClayStories will be a part of next year’s conference in Kansas City.