We are having a sugar-filled week co-hosting Pots in Action, thanks to an invitation from Ayumi Horie! Our hosting ends on November 1, but watch for news of our upcoming challenge here and on Ayumi’s @PotsinAction instagram feed.

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This week’s challenge is SWEETS! Going into the weekend, be sure to add your pictures of sweets and ceramics –from Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, and more!.

To participate in this challenge, you must have an instagram account.

Go to #PIAChallenge to see the call for the week.
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We are documenting and sharing your stories via the webapp and on instagram @acrossthetable2015

Between now and January 4, here’s a new challenge to bring your stories into NCECA’s Across the Table, Across the Land:


Nom Nom's!

Nom Nom’s!

Ceramic artists are known for potlucks and feasts. These gatherings are more than pots and people sharing a meal. These meals create a sense of belonging, connect people who may not be part of the same circles and create a safe common space for conversation. Ceramics plus food can create community.

We want to SEE and HEAR the stories of how our clay community brings people together. We know these are already happening across the country. Take a moment and reflect on the potluck or potlucks you are participating in over the next few months. Are you connecting with communities that are new to you – or familiar family and friends? Why was the potluck organized. How are ceramics a part of the event?

Heading to a potluck or gathering? Bringing your contribution to the meal in a handmade ceramic dish? Great! It’s simple and you have two ways to participate:


First, take a photograph of the dish at the potluck.

1.  Share your photograph a bit of context about the meal on the Across the Table WebApp here (you can use a mobile device or a desktop platform). Who, what, where, why the potluck is taking place. For example: Students from my ceramics class, Fargo, ND; my home; to celebrate the end of the semester with faculty, family and friends OR a meal at a Food Bank with new friends to share food with the homeless in Phoenix, AZ
To http://app.ncecaacrossthetable.com/add-response/?challenge=451


  1. Share with us via instagram! Post the image and a bit of context on your own instagram feed, and tag as follows: @acrossthetable2015 #acrossthetable #nceca2015 #nceca #potluck

Selected works may be exhibited in Kansas City along with the instagram photo in the exhibition Across the Table, Across the Land in celebration of NCECA’s 50th Anniversary. If selected, we will connect with you via the info you entered on the webapp or instagram account.

Once the exhibition is over, objects are returned to the artists and the lights are turned off – but your project lives on. It will become part of a digital archive, a “time capsule” telling the story of how ceramic artists in 2015-16 are natural and powerful community connectors. A treasure trove of digital information for generations to come.

Click here for more information about this project.
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Want to get your K-12 school and students involved? Download the student/parent permission form and Potluck: A Portrait of School Communities through Clay and Food to help guide your lesson plans and teaching.

Questions? Email Michael and Namita at ncecaacrossthetable@gmail.com
Across the Table, Across the Land, a project of the National Ceramic Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA), is designed to to be a snapshot of what is happening today at the intersection of food, clay and community. From the conceptual to the every day, we are inherently connected to community, and have been for a long.. long time!