Student Directors-at-Large: Deadline October 10

Student Directors-at-Large: Deadline October 10

Student Director-at-Large Ashlyn Pope reflects on her experience…

“I wanted to become a Student Director at Large for NCECA for two reasons. I wanted to be a voice for students and I also wanted to represent a population of artists that don’t get much voice and visibility in the arts and the world. As an African American woman, I believe that my voice could be useful in choosing programming that can inspire, engage and motivate artists of all cultural backgrounds and all professional levels.

The process of the application generally wasn’t too difficult until I discovered I had to make a video. I am not the kind of person who likes being in videos as I barely like having photos taken of myself. I knew that the video had to be completed so had to come up with a creative way to approach this aspect. The process gave me a bit of insight into how volunteering for the board would be as it takes stepping out of your comfort zone in order to make something tangible.

The application process wasn’t my last step before the results of votes casted would be announced, at least for me it wasn’t. I made sure to go around the conference and introduce myself to as many people as I could. I thought it was important to have people interact with a human being and not simply a screen. I also used that time to encourage many to vote, letting them know that their voices count and they should let them be heard.”

Student Director-at-Large Brandon Schnur reflects on his past experience….

“I first approached the Student Director at Large position wanting to bring my personal perspective as a student to the forefront, to make a significant impact on the student programming and advocate more for the students place at NCECA. I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate embrace and equality I received, with my voice heard and considered as much as anyone else (to think, I expected resistance). Even in my first year, helping to cement the expansion of the NCECA Juried Student Exhibition to welcome international students, I knew what I would gain from the position was so much more than what I could bring to it solely.

In a grand scope, it has given me the opportunity and the privilege to work alongside some of my idols and in a more personal way I participated in life changing conversations with people that I would have never interacted with otherwise. The Student Director position has created lasting relationships and gave me a sense of purpose among the larger ceramics community. I have received more for this position than I ever expected to, and I hope that I have helped the students of NCECA as much as they have helped me.”


Deadline for Application for SDAL October 10, 2018

For more information wisit the NCECA wesbite 

A Student Director at Large….what do you do?

  • -Serve NCECA’s membership by advocating for student concerns.
  • -Promote calls for student programming and critique room.
  • -Provide support and guidance for the NCECA Juried Student Exhibition (NJSE) in concert with the Exhibitions Director including the following: Identifies qualified jurors, solicits donations of awards, represents NCECA and presents awards at the NSJE reception, provides support to the venue as needed.
  • -Coordinate student initiatives and programming by reviewing proposals, presenter and critique mentor qualifications.
  • -Provide scheduling data pertaining to student programming to the Conference Manager for inclusion on NCECA website, app, and program guide.
  • -Serve as one of the Student Fellowship jurors in the selection of awardees.

Student Directors at Large shall serve as advocates for student concerns and shall coordinate student initiatives and programming. Student Directors at Large shall organize the NCECA Juried Student Exhibition under the guidance of the Exhibitions Director.

NCECA Events For Students

NCECA Events For Students

With the 2018 NCECA conference in Pittsburgh just around the corner, we want to let you know about some of the awesome student-centered opportunities that are available at the conference this year:

Student Critique Room

Thursday March 15, & Friday March 16, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm in room 310 of the Pittsburgh Convention Center.

The Critique Room is an opportunity for students to receive direct feedback about their work from a professional in the field.  Students may sign up for one 30-minute slot, and must come prepared with a USB stick with their images. Computer terminals will be available, but there is no WIFI! We will also have drop-in slots, which will be available on a first come, first served basis.

The online sign-up is now open and can be found here. – spots are filling fast, so don’t miss your chance!

Presentation: NCECA Opportunities for Students
Wednesday March 14, 1:00 – 1:30 pm, Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom A

NCECA has many opportunities specifically designed for undergraduate, graduate and post-bac students. This short presentation will review ways for students to participate in NCECA, receive critiques, funding, and much, much more. Find out how to make the most of your NCECA Student Membership, and mark your calendars for upcoming deadlines.  A must-see presentation for all students!

National Student Juried Exhibition – Opening Reception

Join us in celebrating the exceptional talent of our student members at the 2018 National Student Juried Exhibition, juried by Sam Harvey and Martina Lantin.

Reception: Thursday March 15, from 6-9 pm

Location: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 6300 Fifth Ave

Presentation: Putting Together a Winning Proposal
Thursday March 15, 11:30 am – 12:00 pm, Room 304-305

This presentation is designed to give you an understanding for how to put together a successful proposal. The focus will be on NCECA’s application for general and student programing but the information is applicable to submitting various types of grants, and exhibition proposals. We will cover the in’s and the outs, the do’s and the don’ts, the good bad, and the ugly. A short question and answer period following the presentation will allow the audience to ask specific questions.

We look forward to seeing you all in Pittsburgh!


Naomi Clement & Brandon Schnur

NCECA Student Directors at Large

Student Critique Room

Student Critique Room

Students wanted!

The Student Critique Room is live! We have a wonderful line up of mentors and artists from around the country who have graciously donated their time to help support and guild you through your artistic endeavors. Critiques commence on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th starting at 9am.

NCECA happily facilitates this formal discussion for you to grow and learn, there is nothing in the world like the getting feedback from a thoughtful and educated artist. The nuances and details of the conversations you have with a mentor, as a student from any level, can be a thought provoking and life changing experience. Do Miss Your Opportunity!

Make sure to bring all of the images you want to show on a Flashdrive or external Harddrive, (that can work on both Mac and PC) there will be no WiFi in the convention center. Bring your note book to document all of the details of your conversation.

Make sure to sign up for the Student Critique Room online:

Drop-in Slots will be available on Wednesday starting at 2:30pm on a first come first serve bases at the conference room 310!


Any questions or concerns please contact:

Brandon Schnur SDAL

Return of the Mentor

Return of the Mentor

Hello Teachers, Mentors and Artists,

The anticipation of NCECA is starting to close in around us. For some of us adept conference goer, we know the experience as a time to relax, scramble to get to everything, catch up with friends and see great art in a new city that openly welcomes our ceramics community to their front door. It’s like Christmas in March!

For some students, these feeling are secondary. Their great anticipation is the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with a ceramic artist they wouldn’t normally have the capacity to formally talk to. This experience can change the life of a young ceramics artist still trying to find their voice.

Please consider participating: Student Critiques will happen on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th from 9am until 4:30pm in Room 310 at the David L. Lawrence Conference Center.

It’s easy to become an unforgettable presence in the life of a young student, and it only take a Half Hour.
Click Here To Sign Up

Please contact Student Director at Large (Brandon Schnur) For any questions or concerns:



A little reminder to everyone that is planning to apply for the fellowships NCECA offers, Project proposals are due Oct. 25 for both the Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship (up to 3 awards of $1,800 each are available) and the NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship (up to 3 awards of $2,000 each are available).

Two letters of recommendation are required with each application; we strongly suggest that you submit your proposal in a timely fashion to provide enough time for recommenders to complete the Confidential Letter of Recommendation Upload form by the Oct. 25 deadline.

Project abstracts and budget proposals are also time consuming and will require a lot of forethought, so make sure they have been well planned and have realistic goals.

We want all students to have an opportunity to further their careers as artist with the kind of funding they may not otherwise have access to. So, Make those proposals count!

Review the guidelines for more details.

NCECA Graduate Fellowship

Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship


Students – APPLY NOW!

Students – APPLY NOW!

The NCECA Student Show (NSJE) application deadline is September 27th

Are you a current undergraduate, graduate, or post-bac student in the United States? Stop procrastinating, and apply now for the National Student Juried Exhibition (NSJE)! This year’s exhibition will be held in conjunction with the 2018 conference Crosscurrents: Clay and Culture at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, March 9 – April 22, 2018.

Take the opportunity to have your work viewed by this year’s jurors, Martina Lantin and Sam Harvey. In addition to the opportunity to showcase your work on a national stage the NSJE also features over a dozen awards.

The process is easy; simply follow this link for the application guidelines: APPLY HERE.

The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, located at 6300 Fifth Avenue in the neighbourhood known as Shadyside, exhibits the work of prominent and emerging contemporary artists. The 2018 NSJE will be displayed in a series of rooms throughout the entire second floor of this dynamic space. Students are encouraged to apply with work from across the ceramic spectrum. Mixed media works will be accepted as long as clay is the dominant material, and works involving photography or video that references ceramic materials, process, history and/or extend expressive capacities of work in clay, are welcome.

A sample of just some of the work in the 2017 NSJE: