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Art and Accounting: Tools of the Trade

By |2015-08-13T09:42:52-05:00August 13th, 2015|Categories: Featured, professional practices|

In the world of money, which is of interest when we need it, there are three reports that result from the process of gathering all the receipts, numbers, checks, cash, electronic images, paper, paper, paper…..  They are the Balance Sheet, [...]

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Art, Accounting, Connection: An Introduction

By |2015-07-07T13:45:19-05:00July 7th, 2015|Categories: Featured, online programming, professional practices, Programming|

Can it be that there is a connection between art and accounting?  Some would say these two words, if used together, would be an oxymoron – that combination of contradictory words.  We can recall a time when creative accounting resulted [...]