Clay Stories 3

Clay Stories 3

Yes. We’re back. If you’re given five minutes to tell a ClayStory, what story would you tell? We want to hear you tell it live, on stage, at NCECA 2017! Please join your hosts Lee Burningham and me for ClayStories 3 in Portland!!!!!!

The 90 minute event is scheduled for 5:30pm on Friday, March 24, in the Portland Convention Center. A dozen or so potters will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to tell a clay story. The topic can be anything, so long as it is related to clay. Your story may be funny, it may be sad, it may be poignant. It may involve the fire department, a random encounter, an unlikely experience, etc, etc. Your story may be told in words, dance, song, mime,,,,,,Seems like any time two or more potters get together, interesting things can and do happen! Your age, gender, amount of experience with clay, etc. are irrelevant. It’s all about the story! You can augment your story with photographs that will be displayed on the big screen while you tell your story. We would like to have as diverse a lineup of storytellers as we can possibly assemble.

****In case you missed it last year, you can listen to the 2016 Clay Stories on the NCECA360 podcast, or simply CLICK HERE***

If you would like to be considered as a 2017 Clay Storyteller, submit a short synopsis of your story to me via email at Include your full name, email and phone#. I will send you a confirmation and be in touch. Questions? Send me an email.


I know that we are all super busy right now and don’t have much time for anything else. But, no worries – the deadline for entries is Feb. 17, 2017. We will announce the full lineup on March 5.


So put on your thinking cap and remember that time you,,,,,well, you get the idea.


Best wishes for a safe and rewarding journey through the busy weeks leading up to the New Year!



Steven Branfman and Lee Burningham

Student Fellowship Application Deadline Oct. 19!

Student Fellowship Application Deadline Oct. 19!

Attention All Students:

The deadline is fast approaching for you to submit your application for both the Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship, and the NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship! Successful undergraduate applicants will be awarded $1,800 for use towards their proposed research project, and successful graduate applicants $2,000 (funds may not be put towards payment of tuition).  Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to receive funding to pursue your research.

Applications for both awards (including all Letters of Recommendation!) must be submitted October 19, 2016 (11:59pm EDT).

Learn more about the Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship.

Learn more about the NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship.

STUDENTS – Apply Now!

STUDENTS – Apply Now!

NSJE application deadline is September 28th

Are you a current undergraduate, graduate, or post-bac STUDENT?

Stop procrastinating, and apply now for the National Student Juried Exhibition! This year’s exhibition will be held in conjunction with the 2017 conference Future Flux at the Hoffman Gallery at Oregon College of Art and Craft, March 4 – 28, 2017.

Take the opportunity to have your work viewed by this year’s jurors, Linda Arbuckle and Justin Novak.  Last years exhibition featured works by 56 artists including graduate, undergraduate and post-bac students.  In addition to the opportunity to showcase your work on a national stage the NSJE also features over a dozen awards.

The process is easy; simply follow this link for the application guidelines.  Apply HERE!

The deadline is SEPTEMBER 28, 2016!!!

Questions? Just ask!

Shalya Marsh, Student Director at Large –

Naomi Clement, Student Director at Large –

PROJECT SPACE is calling you!  Applications due June 15!

PROJECT SPACE is calling you! Applications due June 15!

If you have been to NCECA,  you might recall visiting the Exhibitor Hall and running into some artists with their arms elbow deep in clay.  This, among other things, is Project Space.  If you have been working on something in your studio that does not quite fit in a gallery setting or a theatre or in any traditional space at all, Project Space might be the right place for you.

NCECA’s Projects Space is a platform for ceramic artists to create and present works during the annual conference that incorporate clay as medium in time-based, performative, relational or site-responsive work.  Up to three projects will be selected to take place in spaces created in a publicly accessible area the in the Portland Convention Center adjacent to Gallery EXPO and the Commercial and Non-profit Resource Hall. Artists will create (or present or peform) their works on-site interacting with visitors from Tuesday evening through Friday afternoon of the conference.

Successful proposals will be those that engage with the concept of NCECA 2017’s conference theme, Future Flux, using the medium of clay as a central focus, and also with materials, processes, and audience in unique and unconventional ways. Artists should keep in mind that Projects Space is staged at the heart of the NCECA Conference, and works are meant to occur, grow and change throughout the duration of the conference.

As always, we are looking for something exciting. Something interactive or engaging. Something meaningful. Something that will open our eyes to a new way of engaging with clay. If this is something you are working on, we want to see your proposal!

Apply now – the deadline is June 15th!



Future Flux, the 51st Annual NCECA Conference takes place in Portland, Oregon March 22-25, 2017

Deadline for Programming Proposals: May 4, 2016, 11:59pm MST.

In less than a week the call for programming proposals for Future Flux in Portland will close. Much of the conference’s programming is member generated. That means you get to help create the conference you want!

Have you been wishing that a certain topic would be addressed in a panel or lecture?

Do you know someone who has been doing great research into a ceramics related topic?

Then you should consider sending us a proposal for NCECA’s 51st annual conference. NCECA is seeking proposals for lectures, co-lectures, and panel discussions on clay, teaching, and learning in relation to the theme of Future Flux, as well as those pertinent to the Portland, Oregon region. Submissions are evaluated by the entire NCECA board and are selected based on their relationship to the theme, relevancy to our field, presenter(s) depth of knowledge, and the general interest in providing a balanced and inclusive program for the conference.

Proposals should correspond with at least one of the following program strands:

  • Aesthetics, Criticism, Theory and Practice, including presentations about concepts of beauty and value, art attitudes, art in society, content and interpretation, analysis and evaluation.
  • Art History, including presentations about traditional and non-traditional artists and movements, styles, surveys of regional, national and international art in clay.
  • Education, including presentations about traditional and non-traditional curricula, goals, standards, methods and pedagogy including but not limited to those that advance knowledge and awareness of environmental concerns.
  • Professional Practices, including presentations about working standards, goals, methods, and attitudes or, the professional working relationships of guilds, co-ops and other ceramic centers.
  • Technology and Sustainability, presentations about traditional and non-traditional materials, processes, kilns, equipment, including but not limited to those that mitigate adverse environmental impact through innovations in sustainable systems and practices.

Click here for detailed submission guidelines.

Hello Teachers!

Hello Teachers!


Hello Teachers! This blog post is for you! Keep reading, and find out more about how you can lend your teaching talents to next years NCECA programming…

Education is one of the most important facets of NCECA-the word is even in our name, after all! Sharing old methodologies, new technologies, and proven pathways to artistic success is a cornerstone of our annual conference, and can be experienced officially through our programming, as well as casually by the generous spirit of ceramic artists as we meet over drinks. With so much to learn about our challenging material of choice, who couldn’t benefit from the experience and expertise of someone who has already tried, failed, and then succeeded?

Teaching art at the K-12 level offers many unique challenges, and NCECA is calling on our most talented educators to submit programming proposals for our upcoming NCECA conference in Portland, OR.  The call for K-12 proposals on the NCECA website states that, “the purpose of NCECA’s K-12 programming room is to share, promote, and discuss ideas, techniques and practices for those involved or interested in K-12 education. Proposals may incorporate content and discussion on best practices, arts integration, curriculum or program design, and/or other contemporary issues in K-12 education”.

The call also reminds us to consider the 2017 Portland conference theme Future Flux. “As we pass beyond NCECA’s first fifty years, the interconnection of mind, materials, and transformation at the heart of ceramic process, art, and education can serve as trail heads to our future. Our creative work in the 21st century engages with hybrid practices, issues of diversity, notions of community, and dynamic change.”

As we tackle the many changes in our education system today, we ask you to share your successes with all of us as we strive to establish a generation of thoughtful, creative, independent thinkers. How do you challenge your students to exercise their own creativity in the classroom? What are ways that you foster deeper understanding of the world we live in? How have you engaged the outside community in the arts? What have you done to create authentic learning? If you have some thoughts on these concepts or others to share, please submit a programming proposal by May 4th. Our future artists are depending on you…

For more information on NCECA K-12 programming proposals and to view a full prospectus, please click here


Deadline: May 4, 2016, 11:59pm MST

NCECA seeks diverse presenters that will appeal to conference attendees involved in K-12 education for its 51st Annual Conference, Future Flux, which takes place in Portland, Oregon, March 22-25, 2017.