Ceramics leaving the ghetto

Ceramics leaving the ghetto

Enjoy a video of this popular presentation with the remarkable Marc Leuthold from our 2015 conference in Providence.  See it now below, streamed from our WatchNCECA YouTube account, and be sure to subscribe to our channel to automatically receive notifications of new content added to the channel, (including planned uploads of content from our upcoming conference –  Watch for the 2016 conference content to start going up about a week or two after the close of the conference!)  Now sit back and enjoy a little over 30 minutes and about 200 slides of Ceramics Leaving the Ghetto:


The Poetics of Growth: Andy Casto, Emerging Artist

The Poetics of Growth: Andy Casto, Emerging Artist

Rationality is what we do to organize the world, to make it possible to predict.  Art is the rehearsal for the inapplicability and failure of that process

-Brian Eno

In both his article for the NCECA Journal (p26) as well as his presentation at the 2015 conference in Providence, Rhode Island, Andy Casto pointed to this quote as a guiding principle for his work.  In his studio as well as in his life, Casto embraces the unexpected, and rather than focus on the stress that this may cause, he instead seeks beauty and purpose within the natural conditions of disorder.  Casto attempts to be a collaborator with natural forces in the creation of his work.

Andrew Casto is an Assistant Professor of Ceramics at Kansas State University.  He received a BA from Earlham College, and MA and MFA degrees from the University of Iowa.  Casto was the 2011 MJD fellow at The Archie Bray Foundation, and has exhibited internationally


2015 Process Room Videos Now Availalble via Digital Download!

2015 Process Room Videos Now Availalble via Digital Download!

NCECA has embraced technology that allows us to provide exciting content to you in a new way. Ultimately, our commitment to sustainability and greener practices encourages NCECA to phase out DVD production and offer all of our interesting and informative video content via digital download. Three brand new videos from the 2015 Process Room in Providence, Rhode Island are now available! Each compilation includes highlights from four sessions and are priced at $19.99

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Check out this preview of Vessels, featuring Bill Wilkey, Doug Peltzman, Winnie Owens-Hart, & Martha Grover:

Here’s a preview of the Printing and Mishima collection, featuring Tara Polansky, Amy Santoferraro, Kevin Snipes, Andrew Gilliate:

Last but not least, enjoy this preview of the Handbuilding compilation, featuring Jeremy Randall, Shawn Spangler, Chris Dufala & Misty Gamble:

Click here to purchase any or all of these great videos from our 2015 conference!

NCECA Members can get a 20% discount by entering the offer code ncecamember at check-out.

Hashtag NCECA2016

Hashtag NCECA2016

Social media has gotten HOT this year. The NCECA Instagram account is about to hit 8,000 followers, our Facebook and Twitter pages are more active than ever, the blog is going strong- and we’ve even added Snapchat and Periscope accounts to round out the club, which also includes a Tumblr feed, YouTube channel, and Pinterest boards.

What does that mean for you? It means you can be part of  the conference year round, by joining the groups, following the feeds, and connecting with other members digitally. One of the easiest way to do this is through HASHTAGS!

Hashtagging is simple. When you upload a photo, video, or post about the conference, you simply add #NCECA2016 and are immediately made part of the digital conference feed. After the conference we’ll integrate all of those posts into a link for everyone to browse and see all of the great things posted. If you didn’t make the conference, this is a great way to follow along; if you’re there you know you can’t be everywhere at once so let’s all help make it possible to see it all!

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one day, late in the afternoon

one day, late in the afternoon

In her article in the 2015 NCECA Journal, Kelly O’Briant writes

Individuals develop habits, patterns, and rituals that ultimately expose much about the human condition.  These practices exist within our communication, our daily routines, and even our relationships.  I am intrigued by the patterns and habits that are revealed through the placement and combination of everyday objects in our intimate spaces, such as the casual distribution of breakfast dishes across a countertop.  These ordinary objects, in the form of still lives, convey snippets of information about our daily interactions, our solitude or our general moods.  As an artist, I wish to create still lifes that at first glance, conjure familiar scenarios, while retaining incongruous details.

With thanks to Paul Lyzun for his editing, enjoy Kelly’s speech from the Saturday morning Emerging Artists Presentation

Joanna Powell, Emerging Artist

Joanna Powell, Emerging Artist

In the 2015 NCECA Journal, Joanna wrote

I find beauty in my embarrassment.

I welcome the silly.

Through the arrangement of objects, i set up a situation or narrative where the viewer can forget about an object’s function and call attention to its possibilities as pure matter with its own intentions.  I want to encourage questions about what is happening with the objects and the narrative; being peculiar and unclear welcomes this conversation.

Joanna spoke on Saturday morning at the end of the 2015 Conference in Providence.  Watch the video here: