In October 2013, NCECA members Michael Sherrill, Michael Strand, Board Member Garth Johnson and Executive Director Josh Green participated in a Think Tank led by the American Crafts Council in partnership with the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design and crafthaus. Its purpose was to examine to what extent the word “craft” still had resonance and meaning in contemporary culture as a good descriptor of the creative work produced in […]

January 16, 2014 E-NEWS SUBJECT: CONFERENCE UPDATES, OPPORTUNITIES, REMEMBERING NILS LOU 2014 CONFERENCE REGISTRATION Early registration for Material World, NCECA’s 2014 conference in Milwaukee, is now almost 100% higher than it was at this time for last year’s in Houston. Don’t get left out in the cold. In response to those who missed out on registration discounts in previous years, NCECA has extended the Early Bird registration rates all the […]

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A MESSAGE FROM THE NCECA PRESIDENT Thanksgiving has come and gone, pumpkins are wilted and Christmas trees are already nervously dreading their curbside pick-up dates. Time itself is on its fourth cup of coffee and third shot of Red Bull. We’ve hit another holiday season full of family, friendship and lifelong memories. Your volunteer NCECA board met in Providence, Rhode Island in October to address some important business for the […]

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A Message from NCECA President, Patsy Cox Some of you have been wondering how the recent Colorado flooding has affected the NCECA staff at our home office located in Erie, Colorado. Our staff was impacted through road closures and one home evacuation. We have been lucky as there were many in Colorado that endured more significant hardship. The NCECA office itself is safe and dry with all utilities up and […]

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A Message from NCECA President Many of you are headed back to school with a calendar of the next five months plastered to the inside of your eyelids. The summer teeters impatiently on the end of a sky-high diving board, prepared to head full force into the fall. Soak up the last precious remaining days and dry off because autumn is a time of harvest, not only of food for […]

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A Message from NCECA President I hope this finds you in the midst of popsicles, puppy dogs and BBQ grills, onto a new body of work in the studio or planning some exotic travel in the remainder of this summer season (even if that exotic travel is the next block over to go fishing or to sit in some sand). I’ve enjoyed keeping up with everyone’s summer festivities on Facebook […]

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*NCECA Board of Directors at Kohler Co., May 17, 2013 in front of Jack Earl’s Lunchroom Mural*   A Message from NCECA President I know things are getting back to normal as I, just yesterday, was able to tend to some long needed personal chores, laundry, dishes, watering the cacti… bathing my two decorative poodle mixes. As I completed my spring-cleaning in my bathroom, standing by my Kohler toilet, I reminisced […]

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A Message from NCECA President Here we are somewhat adjusted, readjusted or maladjusted, whichever is your social norm, from our time spent at NCECA Houston. We soaked in amazing exhibitions, bathed in stimulating talks and showered in many moments of celebration, connection and research in the field. We made so many new friends. We visited with you in some key meetings at the conference, which engaged individuals with special expertise […]

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