Welcome home NCECA friends!   I hope you are all re-adjusting to your regular non-NCECA week schedules.  My first week back from NCECA has been filled with a lot of conference wrap up including jotting down notes about things to improve systems for next year, receiving and responding to a ton of emails (with more still to do), writing the NCECA survey, and making plans for what to do with […]

The next NCECA/92Y Virtual Clay Lecture with Bill Strickland begins at 7 p.m., eastern on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. Keep the clay dialog going… Click here to learn more and register today* NCECA members can use the code NCECA92Y for a 20% discount. Participation requires free download and installation of Fuze software. ** Bill Strickland, founder of Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild reflects on his personal journey in ceramics and the enterprise […]

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On Saturday Morning, following Jack Troy’s closing lecture, the member’s meeting reconvened.  Programs Director, Steve Hilton, presented several recognitions and awards, including awards for the National Student Juried Exhibition, graduate and undergraduate fellowships and our cups of merit awards.  Additionally, we took a moment to say goodbye to several NCECA board members, including our Providence Onsites, Jay Lacouture and Larry Bush, one of our Directors-at-Large, Garth Johnson, and our Programs Director, […]

In his article, Finding One’s Wheel, which appears on page 27-28 of the 2015 NCECA Journal, Roberto Lugo described himself as a “potter, activist, culture-maker, rapper, poet and educator.”   I believe I would add “inspiration,” “mentor” and “ceramics rockstar” to that list.  Additionally, he wrote:  I have a dream where I can change the world by making pots, showing others how to make pots, and by bringing those very […]

As I sit in room 553, eating my first actual lunch this week and waiting for the open board meeting to begin, I am reflecting on the events of this last week, as many of you are.  I’m also enjoying/lamenting the snow falling outside.  Saying goodbye to the NCECA is always bittersweet.  I look forward to sleeping on the plane.  But the “let-down” feeling from seeing a full year of hard work […]

Heidi McKenzie’s Lecture “The Basics of Business in the Arts” was standing room only!  In an effort to provide this incredible content to hungry conference-goers (and members that couldn’t make it), we are publishing the unedited audio of this session here.  We invite you to give it a listen, and stay tuned for more conference content to start hitting the blog as soon as the NCECA communications team catches up […]

Hi There NCECA Friends! Maybe there are some party animals amongst us! Maybe you’re looking for some good music, drinks and company? Here’s several places to stop by this week! Dinner & Dancing: Circe – Weybosset St. across from the Arcade Xo Cafe – North Main Street, next to Harry’s Burger Bar Local 121 – Washington St. near the Biltmore  The Dorrance: 60 Dorrance St.     Drinks & Dancing: Whiskey Republic […]

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Hi There NCECA Friends! It’s finally here! I hope you’re all settling in well and getting ready to enjoy Providence! Deals for the Week, will focus on deals around town on coffee, tea, drinks, & food.   **Remember to show your NCECA Badge for discounts.** All Week Long: New Harvest – inside the Arcade on Westminister St – .25 cents off coffee and tea Rogue Island – 10% off foods […]

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If you haven’t already watched the app video, you can view it here on youtube.  BUT, I held something back.  Did you notice?  I didn’t talk about the icon on the second page labeled “CLICK”  Did you look at it? It’s actually a really fun game that can also help you meet new people.  It’s basically a scavenger hunt.  Snap a pic and upload it directly to the click server. […]

The first time I spoke to Gerit Grimm, I was a trembling mess. I was at the Jane Hartsook Gallery in NYC, and I went to the opening reception because, well, the artist would be there.  And in theory, I would speak to her.   I would speak to her, and we would somehow end up in a deep conversation, and through my garbled, tongue-tied stammers she would understand how […]

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Keep your eyes peeled as you head toward Providence!  You are definitely likely to see some other ceramics folks heading the same way.  I start looking for people I know when I get to the Kansas City Airport.  In 2012, I was heading out to Seattle, walked down the aisle of the plan and ended up sitting right next to Gary Bates, our show manager from George Fern (that’s the […]

The National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation, Inc.  was originally created in support of quality K-12 ceramic education in the United States, by organizing resources to ensure the long-term survival of The Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition. The exhibition is a juried ceramic competition for Kindergarten through Grade 12 (K-12) students in the United States designed to showcase the best K-12 ceramic work made annually.  The exhibition takes place in conjunction […]

This week, I’m providing and index to all of the blog posts about Exhibitions in Providence.   If you missed it, I previously created an index for City information and one for Providence Programming.  So this kind of completes the set! The NCECA Biennial The NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition The NCECA Gallery Expo Projects Space POW Pots on Wheels Exhibitions Nearby Exhibition Shuttles The Pawtucket Armory Arts Center Dot Dot […]

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Earlier this week I sent out an email to all the first time attendees of NCECA that registered by the early bird deadline.  I let them know that I lead a session (Wednesday, 6pm in Ballroom B/C) especially for people attending their first NCECA conference.  My goal is to help folks better understand what happens at the conference so that they can make educated decisions and maximize their conference experience. I also […]