Gresham, Wisconsin studio potter Simon Levin has asked fifty of his favorite clay workers* to contribute a plate to a fundraising initiative in support of NCECA’s 50th anniversary, which falls in 2016. Over the past two months some of your favorite potters across the country opened an emailed letter that asked them to imagine Simon playing the role of Uncle Sam with his clay covered finger pointing their way proclaiming, […]

Roundtable Discussion: Handle as Bridge: Creativity, Learning and Purpose One of the highlights of Material World, NCECA’s upcoming conference in Milwaukee, will be a thought provoking roundtable discussion produced in cooperation with the Chipstone Foundation. It takes place early in the morning following the opening ceremonies and Keynote presentation of Theaster Gates, so be sure to set your alarm. You won’t want to miss being in Ballroom C of the Wisconsin Center from 8-9:30 […]

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Milwaukee has a public transit system, so you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money on taxis to get to the places you want to go!   The bus costs $2.25 per ride, or you can purchase a 10 ride pass or a week long pass (Sunday-Sunday) for $17.50.   If you have a smart phone or similar device, you might find it easiest to use your […]

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The last I checked – about 10 years ago – the entertainment industry had over 330 awards ceremonies every year. NCECA is somewhat more modest and circumspect in its awards.  We offer one short educational program each year that tries to raise up the best of the best. It gives the awardees an opportunity to discuss their contributions to our shared discipline. Because we consider these awards so prestigious we […]

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INOVA (Institute of Visual Arts) is the contemporary art gallery at the Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Since 1996, INOVA has been widely recognized for our support of artists’ new work, for our rigorous curatorial program, and for bringing innovative art to the UWM campus and the city of Milwaukee. INOVA embraces a dual role in Milwaukee — we are the preeminent contemporary art center as well […]

This has been a year of much loss in our industry. We likely have all been touched in some way by the passing of Val Cushing, Angela Fina, Joan Mondale, Kirk Mangus, Regina Brown, David Gilhooley, Nils Lou, Gwynn Hanssen Pigott, Paolo Soleri, Martha Longenecker, Eric Abraham, William Burne Knoble, Chris Strecker, Abraham Cohn, David Yunger, Alejandro Santiago, Mary Bohan, James Kemp, Lizbeth Stewart, and Allan Buitekant. Be sure to […]

NCECA is thrilled to bring Theaster Gates to Milwaukee to deliver the 2014 keynote address, Yamaguchi, Soul Manufacturing Corporation and A Potter Named Dave. The Need for Blackness Within Contemporary Ceramics. Theaster Gates is an artist whose creative endeavor represents a critical enlargement on familiar realms and roles of artistic practice. He produces installations, performances and discreet objects that explore notions of self, resilience, home and community set in the […]

If you’ve been to the conference before, you probably already know the allure of the Resource Hall.  With so much to see and few clocks to be found, it’s easy to lose track of time.  Add to that among the thousands of other people in the room, you’re sure to run into a long lost friend or twelve and before you know it, you’re hearing the announcement that the hall […]

Where have all the potters gone? What is causing a decline in studio pottery? Lack of training? No interest from young people? Government cutbacks? Answers and challenges by panelists look at positive ways to save the studio pottery movement! Moderator Tony Clennell has worked as a self-employed functional potter since 1980.  Tony received his MFA in Ceramics from Utah State University and his Bachelor of Education from The University of Western […]

Flow: The 2014 NCECA Ceramic Arts Invitational is currently on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  The space is stunning with a wall of windows facing Lake Michigan and spacious with nearly 8,000 square feet of space.  A long corridor that connects the main lobby or Windhover Hall to the museum proper, the Baumgartner Galleria is now a meander of ceramic delights and challenges.  Curated by Linda Ganstrom, NCECA Exhibitions […]

Earlier in the week, you learned about Topical Discussions, which are an opportunity for NCECA members to share their perspectives and skills with a wider audience. NCECA Connections are like their brother (or sister) from another mother. The main difference is that NCECA Connections are meant to rally members around a shared cause or interest. If you’re trying to recruit people for a project or help gather your tribe, this […]

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Make NCECA history… Participate in NCECA’s first-ever e-ballot to help us elect new Board Members for the positions of Secretary, Director-at-Large, and Student Director-at-Large. E-balloting election for new members of NCECA’s Board of Directors opens Wednesday, March 4 and closes at 4pm CST, Friday March 21, 2014. IMPORTANT- NCECA MEMBERS MUST USE THEIR NCECA MEMBER E-MAIL AND PASSWORD LOG-INS IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN BOARD ELECTIONS. VERIFY YOUR MEMBERSHIP STATUS, […]

We often say that NCECA is a “member-driven” organization.  We rely on input from our membership to make decisions about the direction of the organization.  The conference is one of our best opportunities to get feedback, whether that be from a member that stops by the NCECA booth to chat about an idea or concern, or at the annual members’ business meeting.  This is one of the best opportunities all […]