Once upon a time, in an NCECA not so far away, there was paper.  And on this paper there were words, and these words were written by NCECA members.  I recently wrote to Harris Deller, who was the Publications Director for NCECA for five years back in the 1990s.  I inquired about methods of communication with the membership back in the days when “e” was merely the fifth letter of the […]

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Where do you currently live/work Live in Ossining NY, work at Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY as Executive Director What do you like most about your job? OR  What do you like most about where you live? What I like most about working at Clay Art Center is the community of artists and staff who are so passionate about clay, as well as the opportunity to see students […]

As this is the 50th NCECA conference it makes since to look back for inspiration.  Why stop at fifty years, or 100 years when we can go back to prehistoric times?  Perhaps the most exciting of these times was the reign of dinosaurs.    Dinosaurs exist in our contemporary consciousness in many facets.  Though found as prettified remains, dinosaurs are icons of our present-day culture.  They are movie stars, symbols […]

For our 50th Anniversary Conference, we are mixing things up with the demonstrating artists: pairing an established artist with someone they have worked with or taught over the years. With our theme as “Makers, Mentors and Milestones” I want to begin my blog series on our demonstrators with David MacDonald, professor emeritus at Syracuse University and recipient of NCECA’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2011, for personal reasons that will […]

The NCECA organization and conference is powered predominantly by a team of passionate people that we call volunteers.  This level of involvement can be both eye-opening and even life-altering.  Volunteering has so many benefits, ranging from seeing the conference from a real inside view to meeting some incredible people.  And of course, there’s also a free conference pass and one year membership in exchange for (approximately) 13 hours of work.   What kind of […]

Where do you currently live/work I live in Casper, Wyoming.  I am a studio potter, I adjunct teach at Casper College, and I am on the board for a local arts organization, ART321. What do you like most about your job? OR  What do you like most about where you live? There is no greater life than that of a studio potter in a truly gorgeous state like Wyoming.  I […]

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Around the Corner will exhibit the work of University of Missouri-Columbia Professor of Art, Bede Clarke alongside fifteen of his former students.  Clarke goes beyond teaching to become an enduring mentor for many of his pupils.  The fifteen former undergraduate and graduate students chosen for this exhibition are active in the ceramic arts field as full-time artists, artists-in-residence, and educators. Clarke’s work ranges from wood fired pottery to surface-oriented conceptual pieces […]

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Just in time for Halloween comes a merger of two crowd sourcing projects – Across the Table, Across the Land and Pots in Action. This week, Ayumi Horie invited Michael Strand and Namita Wiggers, curators of Across the Table, Across the Land to guest host her Pots in Action instragram project. @potsinaction @acrossthetable2015 What better time to start a new tradition involving ceramics and candy, confectionary, pastries, and candied fruit? […]

To those of you who followed this column of mine last year, welcome back, and a hearty hello to new followers as well.  I have a bunch of these little insider articles planned between now and the conference.  Hopefully, this will enable you to take the fullest advantage possible of the conference.  I WELCOME questions from the membership, so if something is on your mind, throw it at me.  I’ll […]

Across the Table, Across the Land, a project of the National Ceramic Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA), is designed to to be a snapshot of what is happening today at the intersection of food, clay and community. When you stop and think about it… That is probably EVERYONE in our amazing clay community. Not just potters or “social practice” artists. Our practice is often a social endeavor […]

Where do you currently live/work I live in Lawrence, KS and work at Bracker’s Good Earth Clays What do you like most about your job? OR  What do you like most about where you live? Lawrence is a BEAUTIFUL and extremely artist-friendly town.  Excellent schools, safe neighborhoods and very diverse, thanks in part to the University of Kansas.  My job is amazing…I get to interact with people from all parts […]

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As I prepare to celebrate NCECA’s rich and storied history at the fiftieth conference Makers, Mentors, and Milestones in Kansas City this coming March, I am also looking further into the future. The 2016 conference theme represents a call to honor NCECA’s past and present. Future Flux, the theme for the 2017 conference in Portland, Oregon, is an intentional conversation with Makers, Mentors, and Milestones, asking us to consider what […]

Calling all undergraduate and graduate ceramic students and multicultural applicants!! We have finally reached the absolute deadline for applications for the Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship, NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship and the Multicultural Fellowship. This is your last second reminder! The deadline for applications is Wednesday, October 21, 2015 (11:59pm EST). There are resources available to students to support your project proposals. You don’t have any time to procrastinate (even […]

You are cordially invited to participate in the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Across the Table, Across the Land national project and exhibition which takes place in Kansas City to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of NCECA. As part of the Across the Table, Across the Land project we have a special opportunity for k-12 educators and students to share.   Learn how to get you and […]