Inside NCECA: Vol 2, No 20 – Q&A part 1

Inside NCECA: Vol 2, No 20 – Q&A part 1

I feel like I’m preaching to the choir a bit in this post, because I know that the people that read the NCECA blog regularly are the most informed conference-goers we have.  YOU all are the ones who know to about the special help and guidance for first timers, the scholarships for students and teachers, all the new things we’re trying out, the locations of EVERYTHING, and so on.

But, we’ve reached the Q&A portion of the Inside NCECA column…for the next few weeks, I’ll be responding to comments on the NCECA Survey (if you haven’t taken it yet, click here….preferably BEFORE you read what follows)

Why is there no evaluation of the program here? It seems to ba all about everything BUT the program. This is wooriesome to me as a vetran member.

That’s actually a great question.  IF you have the app or access to a computer to use the web app, there is a short 3 question survey about EACH session you can take that speaks to that topic and presenter.  This data is used to “take the temperature,” so to speak, of the membership and help us make decisions for subsequent year’s programming.   (If not, I’d say that if you have questions or concerns about the program itself, please let me or any board member know your thoughts.)   I’d also add that the main reason for THIS survey is to try to help us improve the elements of the conference that repeat from year to year.  Because the programming is proposed and driven by members,  AND because speakers are not supposed to present two years in a row, it’s hard to frame questions regarding programming that will inform decisions for the coming year.  Does that make sense?  Please email me if you have more concerns or things you’d like to discuss.  NCECA’s goal is to continue to learn and evolve….

I was disappointed in the lack of environmental and sustainability discussions throughout the conference. I also felt that even though lectures were promoted for professional practice – they tended to be more focused on students or educators. I would like to see more available for the full time potter in early/mid career.

I, too, noticed a lack of proposals on sustainability and environmental issues.  It sounds like you are a person passionate about this cause.  Perhaps you’d like to put together a panel or co-lecture on the topic?  NCECA programming is always a reflection of its membership, so if you find a lack of programming in a certain area, you should try to fill that void!  ALL members of the board are always happy to help you workshop an idea into a proposal.

 Cynthia Bracker’s husband should give a lecture on grants available for technology, I learned so much from him in Lawerence. Have shared what I learned with head of our Dept at the community college where I work! Great stuff!

Hahahah.  Well, that’s an easy one.  I just told him.  BUT, NCECA does have a guideline that presenters don’t present two years in a row so that we can help keep the conference programming fresh and new and give a wide lots of people the opportunity to have that experience.  To be perfectly honest, David HATES blogging, but maybe I can convince him to put together something on technology grants….

As a first timer i want to tell you how overwhelmingly great i find your organisation, the conference and all your efforts. I want to thank you for a memorable and exhilarating experience. A timetable for the shuttle busses would be extremely helpful, not only the last pickup time. (Fellow shuttlers and me sat in front of a museum for 45 minutes waiting for the bus)

Thanks so much!  I’m so thrilled you had a great experience.  Please keep coming back.  I love the suggestion for the timetable and I will be forwarding this suggestion to Lew White.  Lew handles all of the bus tours and shuttles for NCECA.  As a local this year and not just a board member, I got to work with Lew more closely on the tours than in previous years and I find him to be a real team player who wants to make everyone’s gallery-going experience great.  I think we are lucky to have him taking care of this piece for us.  He seems eager to make improvements based on user feedback!  Great suggestion!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to an NCECA conference with this many technical/AV glitches. Almost all presentations that I saw had dropped slides, missing sounds or missing videos. Not sure what the difference was this year… but something was definitely up. Other than that, thumbs up!

There were actually two things that led to the problems.  First and foremost, the overloaded internet at the convention center negatively impacted our tech team as well as some attendees.  Secondly, we had a lot of difficulty getting presenters to come in to the speaker prep room with ample time to troubleshoot.  Usually what happens (and what the speaker contract recommends) is presenters come in the day before their presentation for our tech team to test the whole thing and make sure everything is correctly downloaded without any glitches, compression issues, corrupt files etc.  We had a lot of presenters come in 2-4 hours before their presentation.  We tried to accommodate tall of our presenters as uch   Next year, we’re making appointments in advance of the conference

Please continue to offer PottersSlam: Clay Stories. It is a wonderful way to connect with other clay enthusiasts and hear first-hand how clay is a part of their lives. It is a very heart-warming addition and adds a beautiful human element to the conference activities.

This is just one of MANY positive comments about Clay Stories!  I’m so glad to see people are appreciating this session.  Owen Dearing and Steve Branfman put in tireless hours to make this happen last year and again this year.  Having spent three years myself coordinating interviews with a variety of NCECA members to gather their NCECA stories for the 50th anniversary video, (coming soon, stay tuned), I know what goes into putting this together.  With so much wild support for the session, I will work with Steve and Owen to see if we can cement Clay Stories place in the programming!

I would like to get very involved in NCECA activities.

I would very much like you to get involved!  I have already contacted the person who wrote this comment, but I also know that for each person that says something, there are at least 10 people who feel the same.  I was once one of those people who wanted to get more involved, but didn’t know how.  It took an out-of the-blue phone call from Keith Williams to get me involved in NCECA.  It has been a wild and incredible ride since that moment and I have loved every second.  But I’m not Keith (I don’t look that good in hats), so I don’t know who all of you are that want to get involved.  But I’d LOVE to have you involved, so drop me an email.  We’ll find a place for you and your talents!

Much clearer/visible signage, please!! And screens in the halls with the schedule/announcements, updated as they change throughout the conference days! I think these would make the conference experience easier and flow better, for both attendees and staff/volunteers. Perhaps the convention swagbag could be a small backpack or something that zips?? I’m sure I’d use it in my normal/daily life it was a bit more durable/practical.

Great suggestions.  Screens in the hallways would be awesome.  But they cost $900/day.  That’s not an exaggeration.  We do use the app to try to push important information out to attendees.  The KC Convention Center had 4 television screens built in that we were able to use, but I had to get them the files for these a week and a half in advance of the conference for them to run it through their system.  Changes on the fly would be great, but I’m not sure who would have the time to create the videos or slides, or proofread the information etc….I love the idea of a small backpack, but that’s going to multiply the cost of that bag itself probably 10-fold, and that’s not something that the organization can absorb.  I use my conference bag from each year to carry my lunch to work…

It would be great if there was an intentional space where k-12 teachers could meet to share ideas/curriculum/support. Maybe a room, like the student critique room… Also, it would be great to have an event where people who don’t know anyone at the conference can go to meet others… Social happy hour??

OK, I have a GREAT idea for this, but I need your help to make it happen.  The NCECA Connections time slot is PERFECT for this.  We just moved this popular conference piece to Wednesday this year, with great success, and plan to continue it in that time slot for next year.  A K-12 Connection would be great, and would enable teachers (and their students, if attending) to meet at the beginning of the conference and share notes and experiences.  But I need SOMEONE to propose it.  Will it be you?

As a newbie with little contact with others at this point I would have liked more guidance prior to the conference as to best ways to take advantage of a conference of this nature.

Did you check out the NCECA for first time attendees presentation online or live at the conference on Wednesday?  If you were not aware of this, how could we better have advertised this event directed at our first time attendees?

THANK YOU!!! I’m just amazed at the organizational prowess that went into this conference. From the experience of an attendee, everything was seamless and AMAZING! Words cannot express how wonderful this conference was. I’m sure it was millions of tons of work and just wanted to express my gratitude to y’all for making it happen. Also, NCECA made me love Kansas City, a new place for me! (Still craving that barbecue.)

Aw shucks, thanks os much!  I can’t tell you what it meant to me to read this.  If you want my BBQ rub recipe, send me an email….I’ll tell you anything you want to know about great BBQ!  Or come back for another visit anytime!!!)

The food choices in the resource hall for individuals working at the booths was absolutely horrifying. The lack of options shows a great oversight and bordered on offensive.

I feel you on the food issue, and I know it’s really hard to escape the booth to go grab something to eat.  However, NCECA has no control over the restaurants in the city or the food courts in the convention center.  I am a picky eater.  I ALWAYS go to the grocery store prior to conference (or upon my arrival if I already know of a good nearby grocery store in the host city….like Cosentino’s in KC) and stock up on some essentials so that I’m not forced to eat bad fast food.  Outside of the world of clay, I’m an athlete and how I fuel my body is extremely important to me, so I don’t leave that to chance.  I take matters into my own hands.

Some of the demos could have been more informative or better organized. For example, the Sgraffito demo was extremely basic and didn’t really teach me anything. Perhaps a different artist should have been chosen. Handfuls of people stood up mid demo and left the presentation. However, Kyungmin Park’s Facial Expressions demo was fantastic! She was entertaining, informative, and well prepared. I feel that her demonstration should be the standard for demos in the future.

Two thoughts on this.  First is that NCECA tries to provide content for a variety of skill levels, and what might be basic for one person might be perfectly appropriate for another, and what is WAY over one person’s head might be key to unlocking a whole new technique to someone else. Second thought is even if we were to set a minimum standard, how we can determine this during the proposal consideration phase?  Our current method of selection of presenters involves completion of a form by the proposer, including up to 10 accompanying images of work by the proposer.  Then the NCECA board reviews all of the proposals prior to our spring board meeting.  Usually there are about 100-125 proposals.  Personally, I spend 5-10 minutes per proposal reading, researching and making notes.  Then the full board comes together to discuss and debate ALL the proposals for about 8-9 hours for 3 days.   Do you think we need to have demonstrators submit a video to the board of what they plan to present so we can evaluate based on that?  Please keep in mind that if we have just 30 people submit even a 5 minute sample that’s 2 1/2 hours of reviewing content by 17 volunteer board members just for ONE aspect of programming.  I’m open to suggestions for improvement of the process…..?

1) the annual NCECA conference should be in the Fall (not the Spring) so everyone gets energized closer to the beginning of a new academic year / not when the school year is almost finished. 2) this would also be better timing for Universities to recruite incoming graduate students for the following Fall (right now, with NCECA in March / our application deadline has passed! and 3) why not have the Emerging Artists’ presentations the FIRST day of the conference rather than the last day of the conference? / this way, everyone would know who they are and then have the rest of the conference to meet them in person and network. I’ve made these suggestions before, but nothing ever changes. Oh well. PS> Kate Vorhaus is personable, super organized, and GREAT!

First and most importantly, YES!  Kate is GREAT.  That’s why her name rhymes.  NCECA is lucky to have such an incredible staff.  NCECA has always been in the spring…..except one year in Greely it was in June or July and it was a disaster.  Our membership now is roughly 50-50 academics to non-academics…it might even be 40-60 now, so switching to the fall just to suit the academic calendar is not necessarily ideal for the membership as a whole.  I have often asked myself about the emerging artists presentations too.  It’s always been that way, but maybe it’s time for a change?  I’ll bring it up in our upcoming board meeting.  🙂

The one negative, especially in Lawrence, was the restaurants saying they had a clay show but the shows were miserable … Just excuses to grab the lunch crowd. We rented a car to drive there and were very disappointed.

There were a LOT of shows in Lawrence, and only two of them in restaurants.  The Growler show at the brewery was curated by a couple of our own clay folk.  I understand it was a good show but a challenging space.  However, in this case, I think the show itself was about more than just the clay work, but about the connection between the vessel and what it provides.  Free State Brewery is also a historical building in Lawrence dating back to the civil war and part of the iconography of the town.  The show at the diner was a salt and pepper shaker show.  Salt and pepper shakers are small…what do you expect from such a show?  In Lawrence there were also three shows at the Lawrence Arts Center, a blockbuster show at the Cider Gallery, 2 exhibitions at KU and 3 separate shows at Brackers.  Plus the overall charm of the town.  I think it was well worth the drive.  Yep, I’m biased.  Not making any apologies.  Lawrence rocks.

I did a blinc20/20 presentation on Thursday which I think went well from my end. (Thank you so much for the opportunity!) It would have been great to have a short Q & A period afterward. The lack of any connection with the audience was awkward and left me thinking that I could have sent the slides and script and stayed home. Also, the last presenters of the afternoon did not have much of an audience. Perhaps a bit of exchange would warm things up? I think it could be a really nice alternative to the lengthier presentations. AND thanks for ALL of the hard work. It was my first conference, being accepted for the blinc20/20 tipped the scales in terms of my decision to go, and I hope to attend several in the future. Great job everybody!!!!

Those are some GREAT suggestions for next year.  The Blinc format was brand new this year and not without mistakes, but your input will help make next year better!  Thanks SO much for this.  I’m already brimming with ideas for improvement.  Would love to bounce some ideas off of you if you are willing…?

Thanks again to all who have already taken the survey.  And please, tell your friends about the blog and our social media feeds.  There are SOOOO many places to get information about the NCECA conference, no one should feel left in the dark!  It’s my goal to enlighten all!  But 6000 people means a lot of light bulbs, so if you’ve got a flashlight, I’d appreciate the assistance!

Until next week….

Inside NCECA: Vol 2, No 18 – Heading Home

Inside NCECA: Vol 2, No 18 – Heading Home

As I sit in the ballroom, in the break between emerging artists presentation and closing lecture, I am reflecting on the events of this last week, as many of you are.  Saying goodbye to NCECA is always bittersweet.  I look forward to sleeping…  But the “let-down” feeling from seeing, in this year’s case, THREE  years of hard work come to an abrupt end is rough.  I am excited to see and hug my friends back home, and get on my bike for a nice long ride, but I am sad to leave my NCECA family behind.

As you return back to your regular non-conference life, (complete with sleep and stuff), I’d like to remind you to keep your eye on the blog for lots of year-round information.  And keep the app on your device to continue the conference connection year round!

One of the top things on my list will be to get as much conference content online as quickly as possible.  

You can help me figure out what to get up first by marking your attendance in the app and taking the short session survey there.   (YES, you can still do this after conference.)

NCECA will once again be preparing a full conference survey to get your feedback so that we can continue to improve each year!  Watch for that coming soon to your email, on Facebook, on the blog and so on.

I’d also invite you to start thinking now about exhibitions and programming in Portland,

Programming proposals are due May 4th!

If there’s something you want to see at the conference, propose it!

While the application period for curators of shows looking for a venue has passed,  The call for Venue Originated Exhibitions is open until June 1.  If you know of or are a great location in or near Portland which can mount a show, let us know!

My mentor, Glenda Taylor, spoke in her interview of getting involved in the organization by writing for the journal. In modern days, that translates to this blog. I am looking for individuals to write reviews of various conference events, from presentations to demonstrations to exhibitions.

If you have an interest in writing for the blog, please let me know!  And also continue to let me know if you have questions about NCECA things.  I plan to continue this weekly column sharing bits of information that you may not know.  Let me know what perplexes you!


Inside NCECA: Vol 2, No. 18 – Arriving in KC

Inside NCECA: Vol 2, No. 18 – Arriving in KC

Hello from Kansas City!  We are making our final preparations here and are excited to welcome around 6,000 clay lovers to Kansas City!!!!  It looks like we are going to be blessed with pretty good spring weather for the conference, so pack accordingly!  If you haven’t downloaded the NCECA App yet, what are you waiting for?

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 8.02.00 PM

• I strongly recommend that you vote in the NCECA Board Member Election before you leave on the plane.  Although voting continues through 4pm on Friday of the conference, things get hectic and time has a way of slipping away.  If you haven’t seen your ballot in your email, watch for a reminder on Sunday afternoon.  Still don’t find it or having problems voting?  Click here for help.  If you want to meet the candidates face to face before you vote, be sure to attend the members meeting on Thursday at 8:15am.  A final reminder to vote will go out shortly after that meeting.

• Keep your eyes peeled as you head toward KC!  You are definitely likely to see some other ceramics folks heading the same way.  I like to play a fun game I call “guess the potters”  (term potters used loosely to describe anyone who works in clay, btw).  It’s especially fun at the destination airport.   Anyone in a suit is automatically disqualified.  Everyone else gets a “potterscore”  Points are given for beards or blue jeans, bonus points for iron oxide stains on the jeans, points for flannel, comfortable shoes, you get the idea.  You can make your own rules. But I digress…..

Upon your arrival at the Kansas City Airport, you will need to get transportation to your hotel.  Discounted airport transportation is provided through SuperShuttle.  Book online at by clicking here or by calling 1-800-BLUEVAN (258-3826) and provide the discount code: 3CZT9.  Van shuttle service is $15.00 one way; $30.00 round trip includes group discount.  Taxis from Kansas City International Airport to the downtown hotels cost approximately $47-$50 one way.

IMG_1999• The Marriott Hotel main tower has a fabulous lobby area and bar.  It’s a good place to meet up.  You should know there are two separate buildings for the Marriott, and they are connected via airwalk.  The other tower is called the Muehlebach, and that’s where the dance will be Friday night.  In case you haven’t explored the App Map, here’s a quick look at the relationships of the hotels.

• Once you are all checked in to your hotel, you might want to head to the convention center to look around and get checked in for the conference.  Checkin for preregistered attendees, onsite registration & Bus Tour onsite signup is all on the second floor lobby of the Convention Center.  IMG_2001There are a variety of ways into the convention center, but with the weather as nice as it is, it will probably be best to walk outside and look for the big NCECA banner on the skywalk over central street.  Go there, go in the first door you find, and head upstairs.  And again, check the map in the app!

Please note: The Resource Hall will be locked on Tuesday while exhibitors are setting up.  You can not get in to poke around in there or even say hi to a person you know is in there.  Even if it’s your Mom.

• You may have heard that NCECA has adopted a new system that will improve and streamline the checkin process.  You should have received an email with a QR code that you can scan on the express pass kiosk to confirm your conference information and print your name tag.

• YES you can access this from a mobile device (you do NOT need to print a hard copy)

• No you should not stress out about forgetting the paper or the code.  If you find yourself without either, we CAN accommodate you

• YES we will have lots of people standing by to help if you have any problems at all.

Get a preview of how it works here:


• So, since you can’t wander the Resource Hall, you should pop back to your room to check out the contents of the bag!  If you’re an NCECA member, you should have a copy of the NCECA Journal in your bag.  That makes for great reading on the flight home, but it’s also good to peruse in advance.  It contains abstracts from most of the presentations at the conference.  You should also have a copy of the PROGRAM GUIDE.  This is basically the printed version of the app.  Please be aware that the printed guide in your bag, the official NCECA App, and of course, the NCECA Blog are the only official guides to the conference and will contain the most accurate and up to date information.  It has come to NCECA’s attention that some other applications, emails, guides and printed matter have been produced by other companies.  While we are sure these items were well-intended, we have already been informed of some misinformation in these publications.  You will also have 2-3 brightly colored small slips of paper in there.  These are important AND TIME-SENSITIVE.   I won’t tell you what they are, but it involves free things, so look for those and follow the instructions on them.  You’ll also find a beautiful envelope containing emerging artist cards…because why should sports rookies get to have all the glory?  Then there’s always a lot of other fun stuff that you get in your bag, compliments of the non-profit and commercial exhibitors, mostly.  Some may have special offers you can redeem in their booth, sometimes there are some fun gifts included, or there might be a postcard with details about a great show you will want to enter.  I just LOVE looking through my bag immediately, (and then again when I get home as I reminisce about all the magical moments…)

• For those of you who are social media savvy, I’d also like to remind you of NCECA’s video recording policies:

NCECA has worked hard to build relationships with our conference presenters and plan this conference. Presenters have granted permission for NCECA to document presentations for educational purposes. The permission to document conference proceedings using personal devices is not extended to individuals attending the conference via their registration. Please respect the personal rights of our presenters as well as NCECA’s rights by not recording our sessions.

There will be signs posted to remind you of this policy.  We do know and understand that attendees want to capture memories of things they enjoy and also wish to be able to access the information later in the reflective space of their own studio.  Please be assured that we will again be working hard to upload conference content to our YouTube channel.  Be sure to follow Watch NCECA on YouTube

• Lastly…for those of you using the app, be sure to check out the CLICK game on page two.  You could win a conference pass for the 2017 Conference, plus the game is a lot of fun and will help you see and find things you may have otherwise missed.

See you all VERY SOON!

Inside NCECA Vol 2, No 17 – Odds & Ends

Inside NCECA Vol 2, No 17 – Odds & Ends

Greetings NCECA friends!  I have some amazing news.  Last week our advance registration closed at a record high of 4750.  Usually about 600-1000 people will register onsite.  This means close to 6,000 of us will be gathering together in Kansas City in just over a week.  Of course, with that many people, comes that many logistics concerns.  Last year in Providence, many popular presentations were packed, and some people couldn’t get in.  Rooms for programming in Kansas City are MUCH larger, but, again…6000 people.  Please be assured that there are LOTS of different things you can do and see at the conference, and you’re sure to enjoy what you do see, even if it wasn’t what you planned to see.

This brings me to my next point….conference content online…over the last year, NCECA has been able to upload dozens of conference sessions from the 2015 conference.  This year, we are hoping to do more, however, please know it is not instantaneous.  There is some editing involved, though we believe we have improvements in place to speed up the process and make it easier.

Sessions at NCECA are property of NCECA.  However, if you record something for your own personal use, we probably won’t mind, just please do not upload or share content socially (youtube & periscope are primarily what we’re talking about here…instagram pics or 15 second videos are fine).  We know you’re excited, we are too.  If you’ve got the skills to do these things, let us know, we’d love to have you on the tech team!

Now let’s talk about other good news.  The weather in Kansas City is looking quite promising for the conference week…

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.24.48 PM

But keep in mind that around these parts, the weather is changeable in the blink of an eye, so be sure to pack for anything.  Speaking of packing, if you fly southwest where bags fly free, send a second suitcase for swag and shopping.  If you DON’T fly southwest, don’t have an extra suitcase, or are already bringing two full suitcases full of clothes and shoes (oh wait, that’s me…) you may like to know that there is a FedEx Office Pack and Ship location less than a half mile from the convention center.

If you’re not flying to the conference and you have the luxury of being able to simply pack your car to capacity with pots and other treasures, you may be wondering about parking.  Sure you can park in hotel parking, but with the hotels completely full, you might opt for another option.  There is parking at the convention center, (also helpful to know if you’re driving in for the day).  Details about that are here.

Here’s a cool fun thing for your non-clay friends who are tagging along with you to KC to do.  It’s called Escape Artist and it’s HOT!  This live-action brainteaser offers three different interactive puzzle rooms with its own scenario, mission and set of clues.  You have one hour to solve it and get out.  With 5 stars on both Yelp and TripAdvisor both, this is a great group experience and they’ve got a groupon right now…if you can find 8 people to go in together, it’s under $15 a piece.  Be sure to tell Nico that you’re with the clay conference.  I met him tonight while I was in KC for first fridays and he’s pretty hip.

I also want to leave you with a short app addendum.  I’ve answered a few questions from people who are frustrated that their app won’t update to display this year’s information.  Did you know that your NCECA app actually includes information from the last two conferences in addition to this year’s?  So if you are seeing 2015 info, you just need to switch events.  here’s how to do that in less that 30 seconds:

PS…points if you understood my top image.  double points if you laughed or grinned

Inside NCECA Vol 2, No 16 – The NCECA App

Inside NCECA Vol 2, No 16 – The NCECA App

Usually my “Inside NCECA” column comes out on Saturday, but I just couldn’t wait until then to tell you all about this year’s NCECA App.  Filled with information about programming, presenters, exhibitions, KC restaurants & hotspots, maps, bus tours, important dates, plus opportunities to connect year round, the NCECA App just gets better each year.  Here’s a helpful video on the basics and some of the personalized features of the app.  And be sure to follow the blog daily for a few more fun features to be revealed along the way…or hunt them down yourself, like an easter egg hunt!  Honing those skills may prove useful as the conference approaches….stay tuned for more, in the meantime, settle in for this short video, and then have fun exploring the NCECA App!  (Available for your mobile device on Google Play and iTunes.  For the Web App Version, click here!)

Inside NCECA! Vol 2, No. 15 – First Time Tips

Inside NCECA! Vol 2, No. 15 – First Time Tips

If this is your first NCECA, (or even if it’s not), everything can be a little overwhelming.  So we put together a few tools to help you make the most of your conference experience.  First, take a look at the video below, which goes over basically the whole conference experience, then, be sure to check out the handy list of links to previous blog articles which can give you more details about the things you hear about in the video.  Be sure to plan to join me at my NCECA for New Attendees session on Wednesday at 3:30 to ask any remaining questions you may have.  During the conference, you can also always stop by the NCECA booth and ask for advice, help or input.  Lastly, be sure to follow the blog for important information daily leading up to the conference, and continue to follow it AFTER the conference too, to stay in the know about dates, deadlines, and announcements!


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