I have to say, I don’t envy you all this decision. Believe me, I know how lucky I am to live in Lawrence and be close enough to take in so many of these amazing NCECA shows. For those of you coming from afar, your best bet is to book the bus. But which one? Well, there’s the tempting tour to Lawrence that I told you about a couple of […]

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Pamper yourself with an exceptional excursion on Wednesday to lovely Lawrence, KS  to take in twelve terrific shows, with breakfast and lunch included!  This is a timed tour, so the bus stays with you the whole time, and no one is left behind.  The tour will have its own incredible and gregarious guide, who is local, knowledgable and entertaining to boot! Buy your bus ticket now to ensure a spot on […]

If the conference has a palpable pulse, the heartbeat is the Resource Hall.  I’m excited to tell you that we have redesigned the layout for this year to improve the flow and create a new level of interest. If you’ve been to the conference before, you probably already know the allure of the Resource Hall.  If you’re new to the NCECA experience, let me warn you that the resource hall […]

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The greater Kansas City area is hosting over 100 exhibitions in association with NCECA.  Together with Lew White Bus Tours, our local team has put together some incredible bus routes to help you make the most of your conference experience.  The galleries & venues mounting these shows are rolling out their red carpets…(or rather, their red white & black NCECA Exhibition flags) with receptions on either Thursday or Friday night.  We are […]

Welcome back from the long holiday break, and welcome to 2016!  NCECA is closer than you might think and despite the freezing temperatures, things are really heating up in the Greater Kansas City Area!  One of the wonderful things about our conference is all the vast opportunities that surround it.  Exhibitions all over the region pop up in all sorts of unexpected places and whole communities gain a greater understanding of […]

I can’t believe I inadvertently left out one of the coolest new things about exhibitions this year when I posted my insiders guide to deciphering the shows.  The flags will help you identify the things you want to see, but what if you need help finding them in the first place?  Sure, they’ll all be in the coming NCECA App, but what about those folks without a smartphone, or the […]

You may be wondering what an image of waving flags has to do with NCECA Exhibitions.  Well, I’ll tell you, but first, you must promise to share this information…not just social media share (do that too), but actually TELL your friends…(or students)….in person…verbally. OK, so several years ago, exhibitions were marked with purple flags.  It made it clear to conference goers where the venues/shows were.  As time went by, flags went missing. […]

The Saturday after Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to talk about how very THANKFUL I am for NCECA.  I’m betting that if you are of the people taking the time to read this post, you are probably nodding your head in agreement.  For so many folks, the NCECA conference is their source of annual education, stimulation, ideation, and yes, also recreation.  Some of my closest friends are those that I see […]

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Think with me for a minute…..have you ever thought, or said, or heard someone say anything like man, the conference is so expensive!  NCECA must be rolling in dough!” it’s ok, you don’t have to tell me if you have thought or said that yourself.  But I’ve heard it, and I understand that it can be easy to think that when you’re forking over so much of your hard-earned (and let’s […]

You’ve heard of Rachel Ray’s $40/day?  The key to what makes that work is having a budget ahead of time and sticking to it.  I’m not suggesting that you can do NCECA on $40/day, but you can take some time in advance to plan your expenses and know where you are spending your money.  I’m including a spreadsheet of some average costs for attending the conference.  You can tighten the […]

Once upon a time, in an NCECA not so far away, there was paper.  And on this paper there were words, and these words were written by NCECA members.  I recently wrote to Harris Deller, who was the Publications Director for NCECA for five years back in the 1990s.  I inquired about methods of communication with the membership back in the days when “e” was merely the fifth letter of the […]

The NCECA organization and conference is powered predominantly by a team of passionate people that we call volunteers.  This level of involvement can be both eye-opening and even life-altering.  Volunteering has so many benefits, ranging from seeing the conference from a real inside view to meeting some incredible people.  And of course, there’s also a free conference pass and one year membership in exchange for (approximately) 13 hours of work.   What kind of […]

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To those of you who followed this column of mine last year, welcome back, and a hearty hello to new followers as well.  I have a bunch of these little insider articles planned between now and the conference.  Hopefully, this will enable you to take the fullest advantage possible of the conference.  I WELCOME questions from the membership, so if something is on your mind, throw it at me.  I’ll […]

Your NCECA board of directors has been onsite in Kansas City this whole week working very hard on a number of things.  We passed a budget, discussed policy, and planned many of the events of the 2016 Conference, Makers, Mentors & Milestones.   The reports of all the board members as well as the minutes of the meetings will be up on the NCECA website soon, for those of you who […]

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