NCECA Events For Students

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With the 2018 NCECA conference in Pittsburgh just around the corner, we want to let you know about some of the awesome student-centered opportunities that are available at the conference this year: Student Critique Room Thursday March 15, & Friday [...]

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Your Curated Conference: focus on currents of clay and culture

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This year the theme for NCECA’s Pittsburgh conference is CrossCurrents: Clay and Culture. The ideas imbue robust program content with tremendous range of ceramic expression. Attention to cultural context amplifies voices and issues of representation, power, identity, social justice, and [...]

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2018 NCECA Emerging Artists

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Saturday morning, at the end of the conference, I always look forward to the emerging artist presentation. I find these talks to be tremendously energizing, full of good will and optimistic for the future. I relish in how the presenters [...]

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A Conversation with Jessica Brandl, 2017 NCECA Emerging Artist

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Jessica Brandl, one NCECA’s 2017 Emerging Artists has had a busy time since delivering an outstanding presentation on the final day of the conference in Portland, Oregon. Over the summer, she relocated from Philadelphia, where she had been teaching at [...]

Students – APPLY NOW!

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The NCECA Student Show (NSJE) application deadline is September 27th Are you a current undergraduate, graduate, or post-bac student in the United States? Stop procrastinating, and apply now for the National Student Juried Exhibition (NSJE)! This year’s exhibition will be [...]

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NCECA Student Opportunities!

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With the start of school fast approaching (and already begun for some of you), we want to make sure that you know about all of the fantastic NCECA opportunities available for students working with ceramics in higher education. There are lots of [...]

What’s your Clay Story?

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2018 NCECA Annual  Visual Voices: Truth Narratives It is time to pull your images and your narratives together for NCECA’s 2018 Annual Exhibition, Visual Voices: Truth Narratives, our national juried invitational, curated by Winnie Owns Hart, educator, artist, filmmaker, author [...]

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Call for Entry – 2018 NCECA Annual

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Call for Entry 2018 NCECA ANNUAL VISUAL VOICES: TRUTH NARRATIVES ENTRY DEADLINE: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 (midnight MDT) NCECA seeks submissions for the 2018 NCECA Annual, Visual Voices: Truth Narratives, which will be held at the Society for Contemporary Craft [...]

The 2017 NCECA Annual is here!

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The highly anticipated NCECA Annual “The Evocative Garden,” curated by Gail M. Brown, opens this weekend, kicking off the 2017 NCECA conference “season” with a whirlwind of garden-centric delight and botanical wonder.  The exhibition, held at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, [...]

Interconnected Forms

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"In the world of everything that is already made, the moment of reinvention consists of taking apart something that is known, to reconstruct something that is unknown." Bobby Tso's approach to forms in the post-industrial world is both whimsical and [...]

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NCECA Emerging Artists 2017

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The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts has selected the 2017 Emerging Artists. This year’s applicant pool was outstanding, which made it that much more challenging for the jurors to make our final selections. This year the jury [...]

NCECA Portland Bus Tour Tickets– Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

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Hey Clay Lovers! NCECA is right around the corner. We know you're already laying out your conference outfits and figuring out a game plan for how to be first in line at the cup sale this year-- BUT! There's another bandwagon [...]

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STUDENTS – Apply Now!

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NSJE application deadline is September 28th Are you a current undergraduate, graduate, or post-bac STUDENT? Stop procrastinating, and apply now for the National Student Juried Exhibition! This year's exhibition will be held in conjunction with the 2017 conference Future Flux [...]

2016 NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition

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As the Missouri dust and euphoria we experienced at this year’s NCECA, in Kansas City dissipate into normality, the gallery exhibitions, personal encounters, and life-altering lectures, continue to linger. One of the most memorable and life altering exhibitions a student [...]