Adam Shiverdecker’s newest work, a solo exhibit at Greenwich House Pottery’s Jane Hartsook Gallery titled “On a Grecian Urn” opened July 10 and runs through August 7, 2014. You can find him online at  At first glance, even through slides, Adam Shiverdecker’s work is imposing. Evoking long-submerged, hulking and rusted war machines lifted from the ocean floor, his wire and clay sculptures are powerful reminders of the inevitability of […]

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“What separates human from animal? What borders exist between the real and the imagined, the beautiful and the repugnant, the living and dying, the animate and inanimate?” So reads the anchor of Lindsay Pichaske’s thesis, and it’s a good anchor to keep in mind when viewing her latest offerings that were on display last month at Duane Reed Gallery in St. Louis. Like so many contemporary artists, the natural world […]

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The initial and easy assessment of Zimra Beiner the person? Mind you, “easy” means from a distance. Watching someone who is naturally engulfed in observing his world and is not particularly concerned with how the world is observing him will leave one with an impression revealing more about one’s own peccadillos than the reality of who Beiner is and what actually motivates his studio practice. So what is really going […]

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NCECA is pleased to introduce you to this year’s six Emerging Artists!  Zimra Beiner, Renee Brown, Mel Griffin, Lauren Mabry, David Peters and Adam Shiverdecker have been selected amongst almost 90 applicants for our 2014 Emerging Artists Program.  This year’s selection committee included Josh DeWeese, Jeanne Quinn and Sam Chung.  There was stiff competition in narrowing this group down to only six artists, but the selection committee has picked an […]

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Amber Ginsburg works frequently with clay but her work responds to histories, locations and narratives in a way that is not bound by specific materials or methods of expression.  She often works collaboratively and engages audiences in a participatory manner, creating dynamic site specific installations.  Amber generously shared her time to answer a few questions I had about her work and process. When were you first introduced to ceramics?    I […]

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NCECA is excited to announce its presentation at the 2014 College Art Association Conference.  Come show NCECA and two of our 2013 Emerging Artists some love on February 14th from 5:30-7:00pm at the Hilton Chicago.  This presentation is fully open to the public, you do not need to be registered for the conference to attend. MATERIAL AND INVESTIGATION: 2013 NCECA EMERGING ARTISTS Executive Director Joshua Green will chair the presentation […]

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NCECA 2013 Emerging Artist Lauren Gallaspy’s work spans many disciplines including functional and sculptural ceramics, painting, and drawing.  Through all of her work there is a theme of exposure, a sense of expressing tangibly that which is not immediately visible.  Lauren kindly took time from her busy teaching schedule and studio practice to speak about her artistic process.  You can see more of Lauren’s work at: 1.When were you first […]

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NCECA 2013 Emerging Artist Brian R Jones is a contemporary ceramic artist.  His functional pottery combines slip coated earthenware, drawing and bright fluid glazes.  Based in Portland, Brian is also the host of the Jonescast, a podcast where he interviews others working in the arts.  You can see more of Brian’s work and connect with him at: 1.  Where and when were you first introduced to clay? I was a […]

Great new news hot off the press! NCECA has partnered with the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s Arts/Industry residency program to offer a 2-3 month ceramics residency for one Emerging Artist applicant! This opportunity arose from the concurrent timing of our 2014 conference in Milwaukee, WI and the Arts Center’s 40th anniversary for their Arts/Industry residency program in Sheboygen, WI.  What better way to celebrate than to bring our organizations […]

Greetings NCECA fans and especially to those of you who are interested in applying for our 2014 Emerging Artists award! It is that time of year when we are seeking the most promising early-career artists in our field to shine at our 2014 NCECA conference in Milwaukee. NCECA is entering the final year of a three-year period of generous support from the Windgate Charitable foundation, which has been directed exclusively towards […]

NCECA 2013 Emerging Artist Lindsay Pichaske’s work defies classification, blurring boundaries and existing on the threshold between human and animal.  Her figurative animal sculptures are incredibly detailed and refined.  They are completed with precision and accuracy yet allow a vast space for the viewers experience and interpretation.  Lindsay graciously shared insights into the development of her practice, her motivation and her process.  You can see more of her work at: […]

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NCECA 2013 Emerging Artist Linda Swanson makes us think about ceramic materials in a new and dynamic way.  Her installation, site specific, fired and unfired work all has an emphasis on time, material and transformation.  Linda generously shared her time and thoughts with me about her current studio practice and the path that has led her there.  I hope you enjoy this interview with Linda Swanson.  You can see more […]

I am a potter living in the remote mountain town of Nelson, BC, Canada where I make functional ceramics with an emphasis on texture, pattern and use.  This year, ss the recipient of the NCECA/Crafthaus  2013 blogger scholarship I am going to have the great privilege of interviewing NCECA’s 2013 Emerging Artists.  It has been a few weeks since attending this years conference in Houston, TX  and I am still feeling renewed […]

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I can still remember the first time I attended NCECA’s Topical Discussions. I think I went to the discussions because there was going to be a session on china painting, but I wandered around the ballroom where the discussions were being held and was tempted by countless other discussion groups. Did I want to commiserate about grad school experiences?  Talk shop with other cone 6 glaze geeks? Join a discussion […]

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