The Theme for the 49th Annual NCECA Conference in Providence is Lively Experiments (if you didn’t catch the exciting preview, check the video below).  So now, we want to know, what’s YOURS?  We all have something to say, why don’t you share it with us and your peers by submitting a proposal for next year’s conference programming!  Although it seems like a long way away, having just met in Milwaukee, […]

Last night, your NCECA Board attended a lively reception in the lovely Porcelain Room of the Rhode Island School of Design.  We were treated to a delightful evening of conversation with the “Rhody” people who will be working hard to make the 2015 conference a special experience for everyone.  Each board member came away from that “launch party” with a positive and enthusiastic feeling.  We all noticed the close-knit community that […]

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